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Hair Systems for Men

A hair system is a non surgical hair replacement solution for male pattern baldness or Alopecia in men. For men losing their hair, a hair system can help restore confidence and ones youthful look. All our men's hair pieces are made with real human hair for the most natural look and feel. Our men's hair specialists have years of experience and can help you achieve the most natural and undetectable results in our private hair studio located in Rathmines, Dublin 6.

To order a hair system online, you can select your hair colour, base material, size, hair texture below. For assistance please feel free to call us.

To schedule a private consultation at our discrete hair studio, call 00353 1 430 3978 or email us at

Click here for some hair replacement before and after photos 


Consultation is FREE Just give us a call to arrange a time

Template creation for custom pieces cost €110

New hair system fitting and cut €110

Maintenance: Many clients are self sufficient and do not require studio visits. Below are the refusion prices if you wish to come in for a refusion

Refusion every 2 weeks is at a reduced rate of €80

Refusion every 3 or more weeks €90

Hair colouring €60

Hair piece prices range from €695 to €1200 depending on your hair colour, texture and base material preference.

All consultation are in a private consultation room.

Full refusion includes: Removal of old hair piece, hair piece cleansed and washed, shampooed, conditioned, recoloured if required, scalp cleaning, scalp exfoliate, client own hair washed, hair cut on clients own hair, new tape and bonds applied to new/existing hair unit, hair unit refitted and hair styled. This process usually takes 1.5 hours.

Measurements: Stock hair systems are available in a standard 8'x10' size. For a custom hair system, a template will be created during your initial consultation to ensure the hair piece is made to your required size. For customers outside Dublin, you can create your own template with our step by step guide provided.

Fitting the hair piece: Each hair system is customised for you so all hair colours are cathered for. When the hair system is made, it has full hair and is unstyled. Once fitted properly by our technician, it is styled and cut to achieve a completely natural result. Our hair specialist based in Dublin are expects in refusing men's hair pieces and achieving the most natural look. This service is provided in our private and confidential hair studio in Dublin. 

Ordering your hair system: A stock hair system will only take a week. For custom made piece, please allow 6 to 8 weeks. There are different base materials to choose from the thin skin base, fine monofilament with clear poly, full poluurethene base and full lace. Other base designs are available on request. Our hair specialist can guide you during the initial consultation.

Alternatively, you can order a hair piece by sending us your hair sample for colour match, details of your base material, hair length, size etc. Call us on +353(0)14303978 for more details on ordering a hair piece.

Maintenance:  We recommend that you remove your hair system at least every 4 weeks to clean your scalp before re-installing. We offer a cost effective maintenance service at our hair studio in Rathmines Dublin where our stylist will be happy to refuse your hair system, clean the system and trim your hair if needed. If you are confident refusing your hair system, you will need to purchase some hair bond or adhesive tape to attach the hair system to your scalp. The use of liquid bond or adhesive tape is a personal preference. A 24 hour patch test is recommended. It is worth trying both to see which suits your needs best. The bond can hold for up to 6 weeks depending on your lifestyle. Once applied properly, you will be able to sleep, swim, exercise with your hair system in tact.

*For clients who visit our hair studio for regular maintenance (at least every 4 weeks), we guarantee your hair system for 8 months.

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