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Caring for your new hair

To clean your hair extensions and Wig

washing human hair wig

With luke warm water, wet down hair.

While holding hair extensions or wig, apply the shampoo in a downward motion.


Rinse hair, then add conditioner, and leave on for 5 minutes.

Detangle with a paddle brush or wide tooth comb.

Rinse hair with luke warm water.

It is ok to apply serum or leave in conditioner when the hair is damp.

Air dry or use low heat dryer.

Weave Hair Extensions: Our weft construction has been perfected to minimise shedding, however we would encourage sealing the weft so that you can get months and even years out of your weave hair extensions.

washing human hair extensions

Tape Hair Extensions: Our tape hold is the best on the market with a hold of up to 6 weeks.

Avoid using oily products in your hair as this may affect the hold of the tape.

It is also recommended that you dont wash your hair too often to allow the tape in the hair to last longer. 


For all Hair Extensions and Wigs

Alcohol dries out your hair so keep your hair hydrated by using products with low levels of alcohol. Many of our customers find hair serum products or products containing water and Glycerine very good.

If the hair is dyed, always use a good quality coloured hair shampoo and conditioner

Keep your hair rapped up when in bed. You can use a scarf or a night hair net

Never sleep with wet hair, Make sure your hair is completely dry before you go to bed

Curly hair requires more care, for more information on how to care for your curly hair, click here

Seek the help of a professional hair stylist before you dye your hair extensions or wig

The hair may appear dry when you receive it. Human hair requires frequent shampooing and conditioning to help revive it, your human hair extensions or wig is no different and hence we recommend that you give it a wash and deep conditioning when needed.