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Wigs for Cancer Chemotherapy

One of the most traumatic part of your cancer diagnosis can be hair loss. We are here to help you through the journey from diagnosis to getting a wig that will look just like your own hair.

Call 00353 1 4303978 to schedule a private consultation with one of our wig specialists.

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can have a look at your hair before it falls out.

This allows us to create a wig for you that will resemble your original hair style. Home or hospital consultation can also be arranged.

Tailor made wigs

Each wig is tailor made in

- Your own hair colour

- Your own hair style 

- Made to fit you

- No one would tell its a wig

And it only takes 6 weeks to make a custom wig for you


Do you have a medical card? Your wig may be funded by the HSE, call us to check.

HairWeavon is a registered authorised HSE vendor for cancer patient wigs

Wigs for children

We can custom make a wig to fit your child. Our staff are very professional and are always very caring. As always, this service is private and confidential. Call us on 00353 1 4303978 to schedule a consultation 

Testimonial: Anna Mc Guirk from Swords, Co. Dublin

'Dear Yinka,
I would just like to take the time out to say a huge thank you for all your help, advice and support that you have given to me over the last few months from the moment you arrived into my home that Saturday afternoon you put me at ease. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June and starting treatment straight away I felt like I was losing control over everything in my life then to be told I could lose my hair did not really help, I felt that this could have been quite a traumatic experience and honestly I was not looking forward to having to buy hair. To my total surprise it was so easy to do you didn`t tell me what I `wanted or needed` instead you sat back and listened to me and asked what I would like you advised me to what styles and colours would suit me to keep me looking like myself. It was quick and easy. Once it was ordered I waited with suspense for it to arrive to see what it would really look like. When the day came that you arrived out with my new hair I was apprehensive as to how I would look. When you left and I tried it on again as I sat in front of my mirror I was so pleasantly surprised to how normal and natural it looked I genuinely believed it would look fake and you would be able to tell a mile away that it was a wig but no it was not the case. The following day I went out shopping with my new hair and nobody knew the difference in fact I was even asked by a few neighbours when would I be expected to lose my hair (haha) little did they know it was already gone.

Thanks again Yinka, I was so happy with it, that if I ever have to recommend a wig specialist to anyone it will absolutely be yourselves.
Kind Regards and Best Wished'


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