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Before ordering your human hair wig, here is a simple six step guide on how to measure your head size for a wig.

Make sure to flatten your hair and use a tape measure.

measure your wig cap sizemeasure tape for hair piece

1. Measure around the head

  • Start in the front at your hairline, follow along your hairline and just above your ears.
  • Continue to the back of your neck, then over the other ear and back to the starting point.

2. Measure front to back:

  • Measures from the front of your hairline bring the measuring tape over the crown.
  • To the back of your head to your nape.

3. Measure ear to ear across front hairline: 

  • Start measuring from the front of you ear at your side-burn.
  • Measure up and across the hairline keeping the tape on your forehead. 

4. Measure ear to ear:

  • Start at the top of one ear.
  • Bring the measure tape over the crown of your head.
  • Stop at the top of your other ear.

5. Measure Temple to Temple:

  • Place the tape measure on one of your temples.
  • Bring the tape measure across the back of your head to your other temple.  

6. Measure the Neck at the back of your head: 

  • Measure the width of your neck.
  • Measure along the hairline at the nape of your head.
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