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Adhesive Glue or Tape for hair system?

We get asked this question often about bonding a hair system. We do recommend the glue adhesive for the best bonding of your hair piece  however we always advice that you do a 24 hour patch test with any bonding product to make sure it is suitable for your skin type.

Many clients use a combination of the bond adhesive and the tape. As the tape can be easier to apply onto the hair system.

Our clients would generally come to our hair studio for any re-bonding (also known as a refusion), cleaning and maintainance. However, If coming to our hair studio is not possible for you, we have recommended a number of products to help you look after your hair system at home.

Hair System Glue Bond Adhesive

Ultra Hold Wig TapeOur clients find the ultra hold tape and the adhesive bonding glue give excellent secure hold, allowing you to do the things you love, like going to the gym, swimming and other activities.

For swimming and if you have oily skin, the scalp protector is a great product to give you a longer hold.

This video should give you more information about all the products you will need to securely bond and care for your hair system at home.

If you have any questions or would like to book a refusion, feel free to contact us in Dublin.

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