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Short Wigs are worn for fashion and for hair loss. One of the good things about choosing to wear a wig is that there is now a wide range of choice that are natural looking to suit all lifestyles.

While many people opt for a lengthy wig, short wigs are very on trend, allowing you to wear your hair short without having to cut your own hair. Here are some tips on how to wear short wigs.

Short Wigs for fashion and style
Look snazzy, stylish and on-trend with a short hairstyle, and create this with a short wig. With a short wig you can try out and experiment with different looks and styles. Test out a bob or a ‘lob’ – a long bob. If you want to rock out with short hair like Rihanna and Halle Berry, emulate a pixie cut. If you’re looking to create a short hairstyle that is sleek, classic and elegant, then get a wig with short locks and waves. There are so many short wigs styles to choose from.

Alba Comfort Wig Ellen Wille

Alba Comfort Wig in CHAMPAGNE ROOTED

Blake Wig by Rene of Paris


If you’re searching for a short wig to look fashionable and stylish, then you would have to decide whether you want a synthetic short wig or a human hair short wig. If you’re trying out a new look and you have never worn a wig before, then it may be better to purchase a synthetic wig as they are more affordable, which will last approximately three months. If you have a defined hairstyle that happens to be a major part of your go-to look, then a human hair wig might be a better choice for you. Human hair wigs are more of an investment but they last eight months to a year

Short Wigs for hair loss
For short periods of hair loss, like chemotherapy hair loss, a synthetic short wig could be just perfect as it is styled ready out of the box and may be sufficient for the short period of hair loss until your own hair grows back. Most synthetic wigs will last 3 months. So if you need a short wig for longer than 3 months. Then you might consider investing in a human hair short wig.


Light Mono Wig Ellen Wille

Light Mono Wig in PEARL MIX

Point Wig by Ellen Wille

Point Wig in HOT FLAME MIX

Maintenance of a Short wig
With a synthetic short wigs, you can save yourself time as they are styled and ready to go. Human hair short wigs will need to be styled but it gives you more flexibility to change the style. For example, you could use the bendy rollers or your heating tools to create a short wavy or curly look.

Have a browse through our catalogue of short wigs and let us know which style you liked the most. And so feel free to contact us if you have any questions about picking the perfect wig for you.
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