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At HairWeavon we have several well known wig brands, one of our most popular is the Ellen Wille Wig brand. We would like to take the opportunity to tell you all about each wig brand over the next few weeks, so when buying a wig you can make the best decision.
Whether you are wearing a wig for a short period of hair loss i.e cancer patients or as a long term hair loss solution i.e. Alopecia, there is a wig brand for you that will meet all your needs. You may then choose to continue wearing the same wig and hence your search for the perfect wig is over. Today we would like to tell you all about the Ellen Wille Wig brand.

Who is Ellen Wille?

Cascade Wig by Ellen Wille

Cascade Wig by in BERNSTEIN MIX

Ellen Wille Wigs

Ellen Wille, the hair company has been designing wigs and toppers for over 60 years. Ellen Wille herself has been creating best selling wigs since 1967. Her wigs were initially made for women who lost their hair due to illness but over the years, her wig styles have become trendy fashion statements! The brand also works with other wig makers such as Raquel Welch.

Over the last 10 years the Ellen Wille brand has won awards, introduced 100% human hair wigs, added vibrant wigs to its collections and continued to add new colours and styles. Ellen Wille is a brand invested in making wigs for women and men that make them look and feel great. 

What Makes Ellen Wille Wigs Special?

The brand has been making wigs for decades which gives them so much insight into what makes a beautiful, natural looking wig. As the brand has so much experience their wigs are constantly improving and modernising. They are moving with the times, in materials, styles, cuts and colours. With Ellen Wille you will be getting a cutting edge wig that looks better than natural hair! 

There is a Ellen Wille Wig for all budgets, from Synthetic to Human Hair

Synthetic wigs by Ellen Wille are made with the most convincing hair like fibre to give you the most natural result. They are also lightweight and made with your comfort in mind. Here are some of our favourites Ellen Wille Synthetic Wigs

Disc Wig Ellen Wille

Disc Wig in PLATIN MIX

Elite Wig and Elite Small Wig Ellen Wille


Jamila Plus Wig Ellen Wille


Human hair wig by Ellen Wille from the Pure Power Collection are made with 100% Remy Human Hair and European Human hair, giving you styling options and the ultimate hair experience. Here are some of our favourite Ellen Wille human hair wigs

Soul Wig in Soft Copper Rooted

Soul Wig in Soft Copper Rooted

Award Wig by Ellen Wille


Xenita Wig Human hair


Prime Power Collection Wigs by Ellen Wille are made with a mix of human hair and synthetic fibre, giving you the styling options of a human hair wig while the synthetic allows the style to hold, even after washing. Here are some of our favourites Prime Power collection wigs 

Adore Wig by Ellen Wille

Adore Wig in CARAMEL MIX

Illusion Wig by Ellen Wille

Illusion Wig in MOCCA ROOTED

Allure Wig in BERNSTEIN ROOTED by Ellen Wille

Allure Wig in BERNSTEIN ROOTED – More styling options

Ellen Wille Wigs at HairWeavon
At HairWeavon we have the largest collection of Ellen Wille Wigs. You can choose different hair types, textures, lengths, cap sizes and more. Whether you are looking for a cute pixie cut, curls or sleek and straight hair, there is a Ellen Wille Wig at HairWeavon for you.
Each Ellen Wille Wig style comes in several natural colours, so you can try something new or choose a colour close to your natural hair. You can choose a wig that makes a statement or that is chic and classic. 

Check the full collection on our website or visit our wig shop or book a Skype appointment to find out more.

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