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When searching for a wig one of your first thoughts will be about the style. While the length, colour and style of a wig is important, so is the size. You might find the most stunning wig and find that it does not fit properly. Most wigs come in average head size while only a select few come in petite size. At HairWeavon we ensure that we cater for all wig sizes by providing petite wigs in both human hair and synthetic hair types.

So what size is a petite wig?

A petite wig from most wig brands will typically measure 20 inches to 21.5 inches. Watch our video below to see how you can easily measure your wig size or ask us and we can advise you on the best size for you. This will ensure you choose a comfortable wig that fits securely and beautifully.

How to measure your wig size

Some stunning Petite Wigs available at HairWeavon

We have a range of stunning petite wigs that come in a range of colours that will make you look and feel amazing. Whether you want long hair or short, we have the wig for you! Here are some of our favourites

Petite wigs with long hair

Petite wigs with medium length hair

Petite Wigs with short hair

You have now seen our petite wig collection. Visit the HairWeavon website to see what other wigs we have available in different sizes. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to contact us. Our friendly, compassionate and experienced wig experts are here to help.

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