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One of the main things women want in a wig is for it to look natural. Wig makers are listening to this and are always using cutting edge technology to create new wig styles. This is where monofilament wigs come in. These wigs tick all the boxes and if you haven’t heard of them before you will want to order one after this!

So what are Monofilament Wigs?

Before we talk about why these wigs can benefit you and show you some of the gorgeous styles on offer, you should know what they actually are first. When you see a wig that is labeled as monofilament it means that it has a special wig cap.

The wig cap will have a thin layer of mesh attached onto either the crown, top area of the cap or at the parting. individual strands of hair are hand tied to the mesh and makes the hairs look like they are coming right out of your scalp. This way of construction creates a wig that looks just like real hair. It is designed to imitate the way real human hair grows. So, the hair on the wig will move naturally, look beautiful and these wigs are comfortable to wear too. These wigs were previously used for anyone with complete hair loss but now the wigs are available to everyone even for those with just thinning hair.

Alexis Wig in 6F27 | Caramel Ribbon with Mono Top
Alexis Wig with Monofilament top in colour 6F27 | Caramel Ribbon

Why Do Women Love Monofilament Wigs?

Now that you know what Monofilament wigs are, we want to talk more about the features that make women love these wigs so much and why are are so popular. Well here are some of the top reasons!

  • Natural Look – Monofilament wigs are one of the most natural looking. As there is a layer of mesh that makes the hair look like it is actually growing from your scalp rather than that the hair is placed on the head. Because the hair is hand tied, it will have a more natural movement too. It will move and flow just like real hair would.
  • Breathable and Comfortable – Not only do these wigs look great but wearers say they are comfortable too. The mesh used is light and your head will be able to breathe instead of being enclosed inside a hot and uncomfortable wig cap. You will forget that you are wearing it.
  • Styling and creating your individual look – With certain types of wigs you can be restricted with the same style because the hair cannot be styled in any other way. This is not the case with monofilament wigs. With these wigs you can change the parting and with human hair wigs that have monofilament, you can style them with heat too. So, you get complete styling freedom!

We have a stunning selection of Monofilament wigs available at HairWeavon. There is a style to suit everyone and you can purchase full monofilament wigs or part monofilament wigs. Take a look at some of the our favourites

You can check out the full collection of monofilament wigs on our website. Filter by cap type with options including full mono or mono part cap design. If you need any advice or have any questions, feel free to contact our expert team, we are always happy to help!

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