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One of the main concerns that men have when it comes to hair replacement systems is sleeping with one. You have finally got a full head of hair again and the youth style you want so the last thing you want to do is ruin it. There is also the worry that it may come off while asleep.

The good news

Well, the good news is that with a hair system from HairWeavon, securely fitted with the correct adhesive product and professionally done by one of our expert hair stylists, you can relax and sleep with no worries. When you visit our salon for the first time or for the refusion you can relax knowing that the system is securely bonded on your head and you can continue with daily activities straight away. You can have a peaceful nights sleep knowing that your hair replacement is secure and will remain so until your next refusion.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about sleeping with your hair system or about a hair system in general, feel free to contact our professional and friendly stylists.

If you have never had a hair system before and you are considering one, book a free consultation with us today. Our stylist will happily to go through it with you and answer all your questions.

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