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Why consider a wig mixed with human hair and synthetic fibre

Interest Wig By Ellen Wille

Many clients can’t understand why some wigs are made with a mixture of human hair and synthetic hair. Well, there is plenty of logic behind these wigs.

These wigs are a mix of Human hair and synthetic hair. The combination of these two hair types provides the perfect balance in alternative hair. The wig can be treated with heat like pure human hair, allowing for styling options. However these types of wigs require less styling because of the high heat synthetic fibre in them. The synthetic portion of the wig makes the hair fall very smooth and remain styled for longer, even after washing.

In comparison to pure human hair wigs, these mixed wigs need less care and are perfect if you like to wear a smooth straight hair style.

Spirit Wig by Ellen Wille

Ellen Wille, NJ Creation Paris and Belle Madame are some of the excellent brands that do wigs with a mixture of human hair and synthetic hair. Here are some of our favourites

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