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Wearing a Wig at the Gym

Sage Plus Hair Piece In Medium Brown

When you begin your hair replacement journey you will have many questions. Some of the common ones we hear are “Can I sleep in the wig?” or “Can I wash the wig?”. Today we are covering one of the other most asked questions and that is “Can I wear a wig at the gym”. The gym is such a big part of people’s lives so it is important to know what your options are so that you can ‘work out’ in confidence.

We will begin by saying that yes you can wear a wig or other hair replacement system at the gym and we are going to discuss our top recommendations.

What Hair Type is Recommend for the Gym?

When buying a wig you will come across different hair types that will include synthetic or human hair wigs. They both have different price ranges and advantages too. Synthetic is a great option because it will maintain it’s style and you can give it a quick wash and air dry. There is also the price range. Synthetic hair can be significantly cheaper than human hair so a lot of women prefer the sweaty wear and tear to be on a less expensive hair piece.

It does all come down to preference though. As some people would prefer to wear human hair as it can be styled like natural hair and it looks and feels real too. For those where appearance is vital then human hair is recommended. Another benefit to human hair is that it is cooler to wear than Synthetic hair. Synthetic wigs can trap the heat which will make you feel hotter and the hair can frizz and tangle under the heat. Be Aware: The synthetic option is especially prone to tangling at the nape of the neck.

What style is best for the Gym?

Just like with your natural hair you will need to choose a hairstyle that is suited to the gym. You don’t want to have long and beautiful hair that will get caught or pulled. That is why if you have a mid to long length wig, we would recommend braiding the hair. This way you can avoid pulling, tangling and damaging the hair.

For a synthetic wig, we would recommend a short style off the shoulders like the Ignite Wig shown here by Jon Renau. That way you can keep your hair looking as natural as possible and you will avoid frizz and tangling.

What Other Tips Can We Share?

One type of wig to consider for the gym is the Hat Magic by Jon Renau. The hat magic is a wig without an actual cap so the crown area is hollow. It is designed to be worn under a hat with the hair length appearing under the hat. The reason why we recommend this without the cap is because the scalp can breath a lot better during your work out session, especially in a hot environment of a gym. It can keep you cool and looking stylish. This piece is inexpensive so you can have it for use in the gym and leave it to air dry after each gym session, and save your good wig for wear when you are not working out. The hat magic has 18″ hair length so we would recommend braiding it during your work out session. You could try two braids or a single braid.

If you have any more questions about wearing a wig at the gym or anything else. Feel free to contact our friendly team. We are always here to help.

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