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Confessions of A Wig Wearer (Part 1)

Confessions Of A Wig Wearer | Part 1

This series is all about the fun side of wearing wigs. We’re sharing stories to make you laugh, to show the light hearted side of living with hair loss.

Anonymous Says…

“Whenever my friends and I have a night in, my party wigs get taken out! They love to try on all my different styles. Short, super long, pink, black, all my wigs get pulled out from my wardrobe! One of my friends was committed to her Blonde hair, and was in a serious relationship with her hair salon. She spent hundreds of Euro getting her roots done and highlights every month or so. After trying on my Beautiful Brunette wig she was converted to the dark side!

Our Very Own Kate-Leigh Tells Us…

“When I was in school in P.E. class doing a fitness test, I ran with my wig on. It was super uncomfortable and irritating! Eventually, I had enough, and tossed my hair off my head in front of my entire class! While still mid run, baywatch style, I threw my wig at my friend the same way I’d throw a football. Everyone erupted in laughter, myself included! It’s still talked about today in school reunions!”

Headline it No Sweat Wig Liner

TOP TIP – If I’m running with a wig , I use the No Sweat Wig Liner. It makes my head less irritated and gives me more comfort!

Jane @becomingbravebald Confesses…

When my little boy was younger, he loved nothing more than to pull at Mammy’s Hair! One day we were in a supermarket, and he pulled it so hard that it came off. There was an older woman in the queue that got quite a shock! Her reaction was dramatic in a funny way and I couldn’t help but to burst out laughing. Then my son started laughing, and eventually other strangers around us laughed too as they saw I was okay with it!

Every stranger is going to get a shock when they see someone’s appearance dramatically change in the space of seconds. It’s how you, the wig wearer, react to the situation that matters! Most people just want to see that you’re okay. If you were uncomfortable in this situation, have faith the kindest of strangers will do anything to help give you privacy.

TOP TIP | If you want tips on adhesives and products to keep your wig on, read our blog on How To Secure Your Wig!

We hope you enjoyed these wig confessions. Part 2 Of Confessions Of A Wig Wearer is coming soon! If you have a story we can share in this series, email us at [email protected] or send us a DM on Instagram!

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