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Choosing Synthetic or Human Hair Wig

Choosing Synthetic Or Human Hair Wig

Unsure which to choose, synthetic or human hair wig? There’s distinct differences between these two fibres. They can look and feel different, and last different durations. We hope this blog will help you decide which to chose.

If you are a client going through chemotherapy, and would usually wear your hair short, we recommend a synthetic style. If you are a client who experiences long term hair loss such as alopecia, and wear your hair long, we recommend human hair. In this video, Yinka explains more.

Synthetic Hair Pros

PRICE | The Price of synthetic wigs are far cheaper, and more affordable than Human Hair which is an advantage, as wigs are an investment.

STYLE | Many Synthetic wigs are prestyled, and stay in the form they were made in. Wavy and curly wigs will always keep their shape if they are cared for correctly. This is a handy feature for getting ready for an occassion, your hair is always done, no need to go to a salon!

MORE COLOURS | There are far more colour options with Synthetic hair. Pinks, greys, pastels, any colour you can dream of! It’s hard to find human hair options in some fun colours as they’re either too hard to dye, or rare to be donated.

BREATHABLE | Many synthetic wigs have open wefted caps. This makes the wig more breathable, and ventilated. Many patients that suffer hot flashes due to chemotherapy treatment would benefit from this type of wig, as it keeps their head cool.

CHANGING IT UP | It’s fun to alternate synthetic wigs, and have a few on the go as they don’t last long. For the adventurous wig wearer, it’s cool to wear a few styles. Monday for short hair, Tuesday wearing a wavy style and so on. We know this isn’t for everyone, but it’s a fun idea for those who like to express themselves with their hair.

Synthetic Cons

IRRITATING | Some people with sensitive skin find they are irritated by synthetic fibres if they wear them for too long. People with eczema especially find this to be the case.

DURABLITY | They only last 3 to 4 months when wearing them every day. This life span isn’t sufficient for people with long term hair loss.

KNOTTING | They can get knotted very easily, it’s important to care for synthetic wigs very well and use gentle motions while brushing them.

SECURITY | There are more features on a Human Hair wig that makes you feel more secure while wearing them. Polyurethane (PU) material clings to all contours on the head for an extremely secure fit, and this features typically in Human Hair wigs.

NOT HEAT FRIENDLY | Most synthetic wigs are not heat friendly. Take care when suddenly opening a hot oven! The heat could melt and shrivel the fibres.

Here are some of our favourite Synthetic Styles

Human Hair Pros

COMFORT | Generally speaking, Human Hair wigs are the most comfortable fit and feel. Their cap constructions are far more advanced than synthetic wigs.

LIGHTWEIGHT | Human Hair is far lighter than synthetic fibres. This adds to the comfort of a Human Hair wig, and is more like what you are used to.

QUALITY | The quality of the hair is second to none. It feels sleek, soft, and luxurious.

DURABILITY | Because the quality of the hair is SO good, it will last far longer than synthetic wigs. Depending on the length and cap construction, a Human Hair wig will last 8-12 months. This also depends on how well you look after it.

NATURAL | Human Hair wigs look the most natural. You can trick the naked eye, and no one will even know you are wearing a wig!

STYLING | You can style a Human Hair wig with straighteners and curlers. You can still get a salon experience and get a Curly Blowdry with your Human Hair wig!

Human Hair Cons

COST | Human Hair wigs are more expensive. They are an investment, and every single client has different priorities, we will never push you to buy the most expensive wig. It is more important to us that it serves all your needs.

LESS COLOURS | It can sometimes be difficult to source some colours. However, as mentioned in the Synthetic Pros, we will still be able to find you a Pink Wig, if that is your wish.

Here are some of our favourite Human Hair styles

Kate-Leigh gives her opinion..

” I have alopecia universailles, and I’ve been wearing wigs for the past 10 years. I have tried and tested every kind of wig you could possibly think of. And I wear a wig every single day. For my everyday wig, my preference is Human Hair. It stands the test of time, and when I look after my wigs right, I only have to buy one a year!

I have scars on the back of my neck, and I find synthetic fibres make them really itchy, so wearing synthetic long term doesn’t suit me. However, I adore fashion wigs, which are synthetic, for nights out! I’ll wear blues, purples or greys for nights out with my friends! It’s an advantage of having alopecia, you get to try on so many styles! “

Have you decided which fibre you would go for? Comment below!

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