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How The Bald Barbie Doll Can Help Children Cope With Hair Loss

Bald Barbie Is Helping Children Cope With Hair Loss

When a person experiences hair loss for the first time, it is an incredibly difficult thing to emotionally process. It’s hard to understand why it is happening, and come to terms with the fact hair might never grow again. Read on to learn how the Bald Barbie is Helping Children Cope With Hair Loss.

When Alopecia or hair loss becomes a reality in the home, This not only affects the person who is losing hair, but those around them too. Children, partners, siblings, parents. Adults will wonder what they can do best to support you, and kids will try to make sense of what is happening.

We recently shared Ariel’s blog, and how the Bald Barbie Doll helped her children accept her hair loss. Children like to see people and dolls that look like them. This can be a huge part of their self acceptance and the fact that Barbie made has made this beautiful and stylish doll to represent people who are bald, is simply amazing.

We want every child with alopecia to know that they are accepted, loved, and most importantly we want them to know that they are beautiful.

The dolls are great for children going through alopecia or treatment, or for children of parents going through hair loss. We hope playing with them will take away any ‘scary’ part of hair loss, and help normalise going out in the world bald.

So, our team at HairWeavon got thinking. We decided that we would like to gift the Bald Barbie Doll to every little girl or boy experiencing hair loss, or to a mum who is experiencing hair loss to help her children cope.

We reached out to Smyth’s Toys Store in Ireland, looking to source the Bald Barbie doll, and to our surprise they kindly offered to give us 50 free Bald Barbie dolls for our cause. We were blown away by this generosity and we would like to sincerely thank Smyths.

If you are a parent you can get one of this free bald barbie dolls here for your child. There is no cost for the Bald Barbie Doll, but we ask that you cover the postage cost.

Our hope is that the bald barbie doll will represent beauty and acceptance. Our true belief is that hair or no hair, wig or bald, you are beautiful.

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