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Hair Topper Frequently Asked Questions

So, it’s time for a hair topper. Experiencing hair loss or thinning hair is tough, and deciding on buying a topper may seem daunting. At HairWeavon, we are here to help you through this process. Our goal is to help you look and feel amazing while wearing your hair topper.

Q. “Will it look obvious to others that I’m wearing a hair topper?”

A. No, it will only look ‘obvious’ if the hair topper is the wrong size and doesn’t match your hair colour. Make sure the hair topper you select is at least one inch bigger than the area of hair loss. Watch our video below on how to measure for a hair topper.

Q. “How do I choose a Hair Topper colour?

A. Choosing the right hair piece colour can be difficult. If you can not immediately see which is the best match for you, contact us, and we will be happy to send you better imagery.

Q. “Is it difficult to put a hair topper on?”

A. It’s super easy to put on, and take off your hair topper. Every hair topper comes with clips attached. All you have to do is clip the topper into your strong and healthy bio hair. Here is a video on how to put on your hair topper.

Q. “Will the hair topper damage my hair?”

A. The clips used in most hair toppers are pressure sensitive clips, so clipping in a hair topper should not damage your hair. It is important that you select the right hair topper size, and only clip into healthy, strong hair.

Q. “Are there different sizes of toppers?”

Yes, there are many different sizes of hair toppers, for different areas and stages of hair loss. The smaller sizes of hair toppers are usually for the initial stages of hair loss. Medium sized hair toppers are typically for mid to progressive stages of hair loss. While the larger sized hair toppers are for advanced stage of hair loss (for those that are not ready for a full wig).

Q. “How long will a topper last?”

This depends on the hair type. Synthetic hair toppers will last 3-4 months, while human hair toppers will last 8-12 months. It also depends how well you look after your hair topper.

Q. “How do I wash a hair topper?”

Here is a video showing how you wash human hair and how to wash synthetic hair.

More washing tips

○ Use the right shampoo and conditioning products for your hair topper. The products we recommend are specially formulated for wigs and hair pieces. The standard off the shelf shampoo products may not be right for your hair piece.

○ If you are wearing your hair topper daily, then we recommend washing it once a week, ideally placed on a Poly head.

Q. “Will wearing a topper stop new hair growth?”

A. No, it will not stop new hair growth. However it is important you are clipping your hair topper to strong and healthy hair, and not hair that is weak and thinning.

Q. “Can I sleep in my Hair Topper?”

A. Yes you can, however we recommend not doing so. Wearing the hair topper to bed will cut it’s lifespan in half, as when you sleep with a topper the friction makes hair fall out and increase tangling. If you do choose to wear your hair topper to sleep, we recommend you use a silk pillowcase.

Q. “Can I still go to my hairdresser with a topper?”

You can still visit your hairdresser while wearing a hair topper, do make sure your hair stylist has some experience with hair toppers or clip in hair extensions.

Q. “Can I use heat on my hair topper?”

A. Heat cannot be applied to a synthetic hair topper and you should use a cool heat setting when drying. Heat Friendly hair toppers can be styled with moderate heat (Max 130-150 degrees Celsius). Human hair toppers give you the best styling options. You can use your straightener and curler on these hair types, and as you can apply the same amount of heat as your normal hair.

Here’s some of our favourite hair toppers

Need help selecting your first hair topper? Contact us to book a virtual or in person consultation.

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