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I Am Not My Hair | Delena Thompson

I Am Not My Hair | Delena Thompson

Delena Thompson is a seven year old girl from North London who has bravely shared her story with the world. She lost all her hair to Alopecia at the age of four and, instead of letting hair loss crush her spirits, she has turned it into something to help her shine even brighter. Delena authored a children’s book, I Am Not My Hair, which beautifully illustrates her experience. For children trying to understand their own hair loss, or parents who want to teach their children about hair loss, this book covers it all.

We had the opportunity to go LIVE with Delena’s mummy, Telena, on our Instagram. If you missed the live watch it here:

I Am Not My Hair | Delena Thompson

Delena's Story

Delena is one of a kind and has always had a positive energy, even before Alopecia. However, it was still such a drastic change that was tough to come to terms with. In her book there are examples of the kinds of conversations Telena had with her daughter, and how they worked through Alopecia at such a young age. One of my favourite parts of the book is when Delena is shaving her head for the first time. Her mum set the example first and shaved her head, showing Delena there was nothing to be afraid of.

In the Live, Telena shares that one day Delena came to her with a folded up piece of paper that she had written a few sentences on and told her parents that was her book. A few weeks later they received a phone call from Delena’s future publisher! Delena is the queen of manifestation, and in November of 2021 her children’s book was published.

I Am Not My Hair | Delena Thompson

Motherhood and Alopecia

As Delena’s mum, Telena shared her experience when Delena was first going through hair loss. She said she did her best to answer Delena’s questions as best as she could, but she had a lot of help. Delena is part of a big family with her mum and dad, aunties and grandparents who all surrounded her and reassured her. In her book she even talks about her teachers at school that helped her gain confidence. Telena assures us that the journey with Alopecia is not linear and there are still bad days, or moments that may trigger a lack of self confidence. They just take it day by day. Helping Delena remember how strong, smart and beautiful she is.

Lastly, Telena shares her advice for parents of children with hair loss. She encourages them to grieve for the hair loss, then get over it. Your child is still the same person, and there are so many positives to focus on. You have no hair BUT you can still ride your bike, draw pictures, write a book and more! There is so much more to a person than the way they look or their hair. Use Alopecia as a superpower! Also, reach out to this amazing hair loss community. You are not alone as a parent or a child on this Alopecia journey.

We are here to support you in your journey with hair loss. Please reach out to our experienced team if there is anything we can help you with.

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