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Beat the Heat

Beat The Heat | Blog Post

If you have been wearing wigs for a while you know wigs and hot weather do not work together. It is often a choice to wear a wig and be miserable or go without a wig and be uncomfortable. Our top wig experts have put together a beat-the-heat product checklist to help you thrive this summer.

Ariel went LIVE on our Instagram to share some of these products.

Beat The Heat Instagram Live

Best Beat-the-Heat Products

Headline It | No Sweat Wig Liner

A true game changer for those that want to wear wigs through the warm summer months. The Headline It No Sweat Wig Liner is designed to stop sweat from accumulating under your wigs, hats, or headwear. It can hold up to 5 times its weight in sweat. This means you could even work out in your wig! Don’t let the heat stop you from doing what you love in the wig that you love.

Learn more about the Headline It Wig Liner and how to install it by watching this video.


Watch the video on Youtube

Halo Wigs

Halo hair pieces are a great option to stay cool while wearing alternative hair. These hair pieces are meant to be warn under a hat or any type of head wear.

Learn more about the Hat Magic in this video:

Watch on Youtube here.


If you are comfortable going out without alternative hair, head wear is a much cooler option. From scarfs to hats there are many options to mix up your style.

Learn more about the Softie Cap in this video:

Watch on Youtube here.

However you choose to stay cool this summer we are hear to help you along this journey. If you have any questions about the products shown please contact us!

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