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  • Northern Ireland & UK 004420 8816 8132
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Wigs for Cancer Chemotherapy

Cancer chemo wigs

Call 00353 1 4303978 to schedule a private consultation with one of our wig specialists.

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can have a look at your hair before it falls out.

This allows us to create a wig for you that will resemble your original hair style. Home or hospital consultation can also be arranged.

Tailor made wigs

Each wig is tailor made in

- Your own hair colour

- Your own hair style 

- Made to fit you

- No one would tell its a wig

And it only takes 6 weeks to make a custom wig for you

Do you have a medical card? Your wig may be funded by the HSE, call us to check.

HairWeavon is a registered authorised HSE vendor for cancer patient wigs

Wigs for children

We can custom make a wig to fit your child. Our staff are very professional and are always very caring. As always, this service is private and confidential. Call us on 00353 1 4303978 to schedule a consultation.


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