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HairWeavon are specialists in non surgical Hair Replacement for Men & Wigs for Women with hair loss. Order online for Free Shipping or Book a free consultation today at our Wig Shop!

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When Fitting a lace wig, we will need the bond solution or tape. For removing the lace wig, you will need the remover solution.
lace front wig fitting

  • Lace Wig Preparation

Step 1 – Fit the lace wig to your head ensuring it fits correctly around the headline. It should be perfectly aligned on each ear tab.

Step 2 – Remove the wig from your head. Begin trimming excess lace along the hairline. Start from bottom right front to the center and repeat on the left side. Get as close to the natural hairline as possible for the most natural look. Be careful not to cut the baby hairs in front by cutting in too far.

Step 3 – Brush or comb the lace wigs free falling hair upwards and away from the attachment area. Clip and secure the hair up for better control. Position the lace wig unit back on your head.

Step 4 – Roll the perimeter of the lace wig backwards and away from the headline to prepare for the bond application.

  • Lace Wig Bond Application

Step 1 – Cleaning the hairline: Apply alcohol to the hairline using alcohol swab to remove any excess make-up and oil from the band application area

Step 2 – Applying Lace Wig bond: Use the brush applicator to apply a thin layer of the bond around the hairline. Allow to dry for 2-5minutes so that the bond becomes tacky but not sticky.

Step 3 – Adhering the lace wig: Affix the lace netting to the bond by using the push-stick and your fingers, press the bond into the netting until the lace wig is securely in place.

Step 4 – Allow to dry: Make sure the areas of the hairline are securely attached. Wait 10 minutes to allow the adhesive to dry completely. Tie a bandana around your head to assist the bonding process.

Step 5 – Style as usual

  • Lace Wig Removing

Step 1 – Apply a generous amount of remover onto the bond using a Q-tip or cotton swab. Allow the bond to completely loosen and remove the lace wig (Do not pull). Reapply more remover after 2 minutes if not sufficiently loosened.

Step 2 – Gently lift the lace wig unit away from your head, never pull from your scalp.

Step 3 – To ensure all traces of glue are removed from the headline, apply more remover to the headline, rub gently to soften and dissipate the bond.

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