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Cleaning your hair system

STEP 1 Remove hair piece from your scalp using the special release solution. Never pull hair system from scalp

STEP 2 Soak the hair system base (not the hair) in some C22 cleaning solution for about 10 minutes, this will help remove any build up of adhesive

STEP 3 Once the adhesive has loosened up, use a soft cloth or flannel to wipe it off the base

STEP 4 Spray your scalp with some of the C22 cleaning solution

STEP 5 If necessary, add a small amount of pharmacy 99% isopropyl alcohol to a soft cloth or flannel to remove any glue or tape residue in your hair.

STEP 6 Gently wash your scalp with shampoo and warm water, making sure all adhesive residue is removed from the scalp. 

STEP 7 Gently wash the system hair with shampoo and warm water. Do not scrub to avoid damaging the hair system. Any good quality pharmacy branded shampoo and condition for coloured hair can be used. 

STEP 8 Allow the hair system to air dry or use low heat dryer

Video demonstration to follow soon.....