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What is a male hair system?

A male hair system is a non surgical hair loss solution for men who are losing their hair due to balding, male pattern baldness etc. A hair system might also be referred to as Toupee, hair replacement system, mens wig, mens hair extensions, mens hair weave

A video demonstration showing the before and after results of a hair replacement system

How long does it take to customise my hair system?

It takes 6 to 8 weeks to custom make your hair system, however a stock hair system may be available and suitable for immediate fitting.

How often do i need to remove, clean and refuse the hair system?

We recommend removing, cleaning the hair system and your scalp at least every 3 weeks, to avoid build up of residue on the base of the hair system and to keep your scalp clean and breathable

Do I need to return every 3 weeks for maintenance of my hair system?

Many of our clients maintain their hair system at home by themselves. For clients who need our help with maintenance, we are happy to help

I have a hair system purchased from another provider, would you cut and fit it for me?

We always do our best to assist clients with hair loss and we believe our hair systems are the best on the market. We would consider helping clients out at our discretion, to cut and fit a hair piece that is not purchased from HairWeavon but It is important to note that we would not take any liability for any issues with the hair piece. Additional charge will apply for cutting and fitting a hair piece that is not purchased from HairWeavon

I have a medical card, what is my entitlement for a medical wig?

If you are experincing hair loss due to a medical reasons, you may be entitled to the HSE wig grant. We will need a note from your doctor to confirm you require a wig due to medical hair loss. We also need your medical card number to process the paper work for you. You may be entitled to between €500 and €635.

Would you help me apply weave hair extensions that were not purchased from HairWeavon?

We always do our best to assist clients, particularly clients with hair loss and we believe our weave hair extensions are the best quality on the market. We would consider helping clients out at our discretion but it is important to note that we do not take any liability for any issues with the hair extensions. Additional charge will apply for applying weave hair extensions that are not purchased from HairWeavon

I have never had a weave before, can you tell me more?

Sewing in your hair extensions is known as a weave. A weave is great because it's better for your hair than the glue in hair extensions. They are very popular. The weave can last 3 to 8 weeks before you have to redo it. And you'll be able to re-use the hair you buy from us for ages (up to 2 years if you look after them). .

Why should I go for real hair?

Many hair extension brands falsely claim to provide real hair, which leads to disappointment and frustration to hair extension and wig lovers. Tangling and frayed ends is a common problem with synthetic hair making the hair look plasticky and unnatural after some time. Some people also find they are allergic to the synthetic fibers used in such hair.

At HairWeavon, we make it our priority to ensure our hair is real and of the finest quality. You can expect your HairWeavon hair extensions, wigs and clip ins to look and feel real.

Our hair is hand picked with cuticles aligned to ensure it is tangle free. Your HairWeavon hair will feel soft and silky to the touch. It can be styled as you desire with any of your heat tools. It is easy to manage just like it's your own hair.

HairWeavon will save you money in the long run, because our high quality hair extensions will last 2 or more years when cared for properly. Our real hair wigs are also very reasonably priced.

Is the weave painful?

It shouldn't be. It can depend on the hair stylist, tell your hair stylist you dont want it too tight and she'll have it looser but the firmer the weave, the longer it will last before you have to re-weave. People generally find them comfortable to wear

How do i style my curly hair extensions?

To style your curly hair extensions, just add some curly hair mousse and use your hands to tidy hair, no need to brush.

Some HairWeavon hair extensions come in weft form, what does weft mean?

Weft is the way the strands of hair are attached together in a line allowing you to be able to sew it into tracks in her own hair. Here is a photo of a bundle of our hair in weft form.  

HairWeavon virgin indian hair extensions in weft form

Can I pay by installment?

Payment by installment may be allowed for certain products. Items will only be sent after payment is complete. Contact our sales team on 0035314303978

Where does the hair originate?

At HairWeavon, all our hair are ethically sourced, this is important to us and to our customers too. The hair originates from India. In India there is an ancient Hindu tradition whereby people give their hair as offering in temples instead of money, this practice continues today. We have traveled to the temples in India to ensure that the hair is given in a free and ethical way. Once collected, the hair is cleaned to ensure it is safe to wear and then made into hair extensions and wigs.

What does 'Virgin' hair mean?

The texture is completely natural and unprocessed. No chemicals are used in preparing the hair, it is simply washed and sewn into weft or hair extensions.

The Virgin Indian Hair weave is available in its natural color, What does natural color mean?

This means that the hair remains in its original color and has not been dyed or processed. Hence it can be black, off black with some brown (1/1B/2). There may be slight color variations between bundles but when weaved in, the hairs blends really well as you can see in this image


Can I dye the Virgin Indian Hair to my desired color?

Yes you can dye the hair to your preferred hair color as the Virgin Hair is the most raw hair you can get. Here is a picture of our virgin Indian hair extensions dyed to the very popular ombre hair colour


How many bundles of hair extensions do I need for a full head?

All bundles are 100g of hair. All prices are per bundle. Two bundles is enough for a full head, however to achieve a very full look you may use three or four bundles. The model is wearing two and half bundles in this picture

How long should my hair extensions last?

We estimate that the hair can last 2 years or more depending on how well you look after it. See the hair care page for hair care tips.

How is the human hair extensions weaved in?

Here is a video demonstration of how your human hair extensions is weaved into your own hair

What else should I expect when I received the hair in weft form?

The hair may appear dry when you receive it but shampooing and conditioning the hair revitalises the hair, infact the hair will look and feel better over time. See our hair care page for more tips.

What is the best quality human hair to get. Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair?

Virgin Indian hair is hair in its most natural state. It is not dyed or processed in any way. Virgin Indian Hair is available in it's natural color, straight and wavy texture. Clients often ask for Brazilian or Peruvian hair. So called Brazilian and Peruvian hair are not from Brazil or Peru, such hair is often Indian hair, processed hair or hair that is mixed with other synthetic material, hence it doesn't last very long and will be difficult to manage.

Can I dye, straighten, curl or blow dry my hair extensions?

Yes. All HairWeavon hair extensions are real human hair which means you can choose to style it or dye it as you wish. However, we advise that you seek the help of a professional hair stylist to dye the hair. Also avoid the use of extreme heat so that the hair can last longer. To minimize the use of heat, we particularly like the bending roller or Flexi rods.

How is the lace wig fitted?

You can use the lace wig kit or adhesive tape. See our page on how to fit your lace wig.

Can I use any shampoo and conditioner for my hair extensions?

We recommend that you use only good quality shampoo and conditioner for your hair extensions. This will help the hair last longer. We recommend the African Essence Shampoo for cleaning your wig and hair extensions for reuse.

Can I swim or exercise?

Yes, Before swimming or exercising, brush your hair using a vent brush and braid the hair in two braids to ensure all the hair is protected. Ensure all of your hair is tucked neatly under your swimming cap. Prolong exposure to salt water or chlorine causes the hair to tangle and become less manageable

Why do my hair extensions have split ends?

It is not unusual for the hair to have split ends just like natural hair on a person’s head. Our Virgin Indian Hair is provided in its natural state. Split ends is a good indication that the hair extensions you are getting is real hair.

Should there be variations in the texture of the hair

There may be slight variations in the texture of the hair because it is in its natural state. The virgin hair texture can vary between bundles because different donors may have different hair texture. If you are using multiple bundles, the hair usually blends well.

Is it easy to manage the virgin hair extensions?

It is super easy to manage Virgin hair extensions and style in any way you want, just like your own hair.

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