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HSE Wig Entitlement

HSE Wig Entitlement for medical hair lossHSE medical card grant for wigs

HairWeavon is a registered HSE wig and hair piece provider for persons experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition. Medical card holders in Ireland can receive up to €635 per year (includes VAT) towards a wig. Our staff will look after all the paper work for you so that you dont have to worry about it.


What do you need to do


Private health insurance: If you have private health insurance with say VHI, Bupa, Aviva, Quinn insurance etc, we can provide you with the relevant documentation to help you claim your money back. The amount refunded can vary depending on your plan. You should check with your insurer for details.

Tax payer with no private health insurance: If you are a tax payer in Ireland and do not have private health insurance, you can claim for health expenses using the Med1 form which you can obtained from your local tax office or the revenue website.

Wig Grant for other hair loss patients

If you are experincing hair loss due to other medical reasons, you may be entitled to the HSE wig grant. We will need a note from your doctor to confirm you require a wig due to medical hair loss. We also need your medical card number to process the paper work for you.