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  • Northern Ireland & UK 004420 8816 8132
  • USA 001(323) 647 5519 

Women's Wigs

Women's Wigs

Our clients include women experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment, Alopecia, Trichotillomania or hair thinning.

We specialise in the most natural looking, bespoke human hair wigs and synthetic wigs

real hair wigs as seen on Xpose

It helps if we can see your hair before you start chemotherapy treatment. To Schedule a private consultation call +353(0)1 4303978.

We have a large range of wigs in stock as well as offering a a tailor made service in

- Your own hair colour

- Your own hair style 

- Made to fit you

- No one would tell its a wig

It only takes 6 weeks to custom make a wig for you


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