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HairWeavon are specialists in non surgical Hair Replacement for Men & Wigs for Women with hair loss. Order online for Free Shipping or Book a free consultation today at our Wig Shop!

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Taking care of your new hair system is easy just treat it like your own hair with the help of some key hair system care products.

You can shampoo it, condition it, comb it, use gel or other styling products, blow dry, or do anything else you would with your own hair.

Hair Care Tips

  • Wash hair system in a basin of lukewarm soapy water with a good quality shampoo. Swish the hair
  • system around for a few minutes; do not use friction when washing the hair system.
  • Drain the soapy water out and refill the basin with clean lukewarm water. Rinse until there is no shampoo in the hair system.
  • Use conditioner to keep the hair smooth and hydrated – lightly spray conditioner on the hair.
  • Do not brush hair when it is wet; use a wide tooth comb to untangle the hair.
  • Blot the hair dry with a towel to remove excess moisture, do not squeeze or twist the hair.
  • Allow to air dry on a wig stand or use the gentle heat setting of a hairdryer to remove moisture.
  • Make sure the base is completely dry before bonding on to the scalp.

Hair Replacement after photo

Choosing from bond or tape is a personal preference, Bond will hold for up to 6 weeks at a time
depending on one’s lifestyle. It’s messy to clean but its waterproof for active wearers.

The tape can be placed anywhere on the base of the hair system. It will hold for 4-6 weeks and it’s
easier to clean up after removal.

If you choose to use Bond, It is best to apply this only on the perimeter of the hair system so you don’t
get the hair all sticky. Application around the front hair line gives a seamless finish.
You can then use tape everywhere else as needed.


  • Make sure the scalp is clean and dry.
  • Get the placement of the hair system accurate by using a marker or kohl pencil to dot the front hair line use this as a guide to where you will place the hair system.
  • Next apply the double sided tape to the edges of the hair system and wherever you need to place it for good security.
  • Peel off the double sided tape and bond the hair system on the scalp.
  • Do not shower the scalp for the first 24 hours after bonding.

Ultra Hold Wig Bond

For safety, use a lace release solution to ease off the bond or tape away from your scalp.
When hair system is removed clean the base with C22 cleaning solution and then wash the hair in a basin of
warm shampoo water to soften out any bond or dirt in the hair. When hair is completely clean and dry
it’s ready for bonding to the scalp again.

Release solution for hair systemsC22 Scalp and hair piece cleaner

For clients who do not have the time to maintain their hair piece at home, HairWeavon stylists can
provide regular maintenance. To schedule a hair system maintenance (also known as a refusion), simply
call us on 014303978 or email

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