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Trichotillomania is compulsive hair pulling, often as a way to relieve stress or anxiety. The person pulling their hair may not be aware that they are doing it, and may be unable to stop. Unfortunately, it can result in hair loss which can be upsetting and add to the stress that results in the hair pulling compulsion. There is no reason to feel embarrassed if you suffer from hair loss due to trichotillomania. Between 3 and 4% of the US population experiences this during their lifetime and an estimated 350,000 people in the UK. And in fact, it may be an underdiagnosed condition as many sufferers don’t feel comfortable talking to their doctors about it.

If you have hair loss due to trichotillomania you may wish to camouflage it with hair extensions, a partial hairpiece or even a full wig. You’ll find hundreds of options on our website in a broad range of natural shades, made from human hair or natural-looking synthetic hair. With so many options you might want some advice from one of our hair replacement specialists. We can help you to find the perfect solution for you, and we can even create a customised hairpiece that will blend in perfectly with your own hair.

HSE Wig Grant

HSE Medical Card Holder Wig Grant

Some of the cost of your wig may be covered if you have a medical card or by health insurance. We can help you to find out if you’re eligible to apply for the HSE Wig Grant. We take care of the HSE application on your behalf, all we need is a note from your doctor and your medical card number.

For Irish customers, changes to the budget in 2020 mean that a PRSI grant of up to €500 may be available without a medical card.  More information about the PRSI wig grant can be found here

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