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Trichotillomania hair loss can be very distressing. Our focus at HairWeavon is always to help you feel at ease when you come to us for a wig or hair piece. We do not want you to feel embarrassed or ashamed. We are here to help and support you, without any judgement.
If your hair loss is minimal, we might recommend a partial hair piece or suitable hair extensions. If the hair loss is more extensive, we might recommend a full wig.

We have the largest range of top brand wigs with human hair and synthetic hair. We can also have a wig or hair piece customised for you that will blend in perfectly with your own hair.

If you have a medical card or health insurance, some of the cost may be covered by the HSE Wig Grant or by your health insurer. Please contact us for more details.

Some Wigs & Hair Toppers to consider
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