Why Do Men Lose Hair?

  • 20th September 2019

One of the most common cosmetic issues that men face is hair loss. Hair loss can occur for many reasons and one of the myths of male pattern baldness is that, it only affects older men. A survey has shown that 47% of Irish men under 30 are experiencing hair…

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Human Hair Toppers – Things to know before investing in one

  • 23rd July 2019

Human hair toppers are a great investment piece for all stages of hair loss and thinning hair. Find all the options here before investing in your Topper. Every person's hair loss journey is different. You may have lost all of your hair or are just starting to notice hair loss…

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Grey Wigs and what shades are available

  • 26th June 2019

There are many shades of grey that you can wear from stylish silver to chic darker tones. Many ladies are choosing to embrace the grey colour and it has become very trendy in wigs too.Celebs like Kim Kardashian have even been seen rocking grey wigs. With that said, we thought…

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What you need to know about Blonde Wigs

  • 27th May 2019

Blonde is one of the most popular hair colours and this is same for Wigs too. There are so many different shades to choose from. Whether you are looking for a honey blonde colour just like Beyonce or are looking for a light and sunkissed colour for the summer, there…

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What you need to know about Clip in Fringe Hair Piece

  • 9th May 2019

Clip in Fringe Hair Pieces or bangs are so popular for changing up your hair style. There are many different ways to wear fringes from trendsetting baby bangs to long side swept fringes. A fringe can completely transform your look but some women can be a little anxious about going…

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What you need to know about Rooted Wigs

  • 1st May 2019

The natural appearance of wigs are always improving. Rooted Wigs, new colours, cuts and materials are being used to create more natural looking wigs than ever before. A detail that you should look for in a wig is if it is rooted. A rooted wig is exactly how it sounds.…

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What you need to know about Monofilament Wigs

  • 19th April 2019

One of the main things women want in a wig is for it to look natural. Wig makers are listening to this and are always using cutting edge technology to create new wig styles. This is where monofilament wigs come in. These wigs tick all the boxes and if you…

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What you need to know about Lace Front Wigs

  • 5th April 2019

We would like to make shopping for wigs a little easier for you so we are talking lace front wigs and their advantages today. When shopping for a wig the choices can be overwhelming as you can choose from different hair types, styles, cap design and more. One of the…

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