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HairWeavon are specialists in non surgical Hair Replacement for Men & Wigs for Women with hair loss. Order online for Free Shipping or Book a free consultation today at our Wig Shop!

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The main difference between the lace wig caps and the normal wig cap (monofilament) is that the lace wig cap requires some sort of glue or adhesive tape to secure it to your head.

The lace wig is usually worn for an extended period of time without taking it off your head e.g. when in bed at night. It can be fitted on your head for days or even weeks depending on what type of tape or glue you use.

The front lace wig is glued in the front along the hair line, from ear to ear.

Monofilament wig caplace front wigFull lace wig

The full lace wig is glued around the entire hair line.

The monofilament cap is the conventional wig cap, also known as glueless wig cap does not require a glue or adhesive tape to secure it. The small monofilament area in the cap helps prevent itchiness to those with sensitive scalps; the material is thin gauze-like, almost transparent and is much more comfortable to the touch.
Sue natural hair wig available as monofilament wig or lace wig by hairweavonSo don’t let hair loss stop you from remaining stylish
HairWeavon has wide range of human hair wigs. Our clients include women undergoing chemo treatment, severe hair loss and simply want a new look. The finished product is hair that feel and look just like your own hair.

You can retain your personal style with our custom made wig service. For our chemo patients, we can create a wig just like your own hair prior to your chemo treatment. We also have some good alternatives to the full wig. We have a scarf with hair on the sides, available in several colors.

To order your human hair wig online visit or call us to avail of our free consultation.

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