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Whether you are experiencing thinning hair and need a topper hair piece or need a full wig, we have the hair replacement solution for you. Today, we would like to talk about hair toppers and in particular Jon Renau easiHair toppers. This little amazing hair pieces will instantly transform your look and disguise your thinning hair.

What are Hair Toppers?

Hair toppers are hair pieces usually clipped into your own hair to cover thinning hair or patches of hair loss. There is a hair topper size and design to suit different stages of hair loss to give you coverage on the top, part, crown area or throughout. As well as giving you coverage, topper hair pieces are great for giving you that added volume you need.

Choosing a Hair Topper

When choosing a hair topper, you should consider your stage of hair loss, the coverage you need, the size of topper and the base design.

Stage of hair loss: Are you in the beginning stage, progressive or advanced stage of hair loss?

  • In the beginning stage, hair loss is not very noticeable and you only need a small size topper like the Jon Renau easiPart Topper or the easiFringe
  • In the progressive stage of hair loss, more of your scalp is visible hence would require more coverage and a larger topper like the Jon Renau easiPart XL Topper or the Top Style Topper
  • In the advanced stage of hair loss, you may have significant area to cover but do not feel ready for a full wig. The Jon Renau Top Form Topper or the Top Full topper would be ideal.


An easiPart topper is designed for women who have hair loss in the parting area. Although this topper can be position anywhere you need it. The easiPart topper comes human hair and synthetic and in the monofilament base and french base in lengths 8, 12 and 18 inches.


If you have always wanted to try a fringe or your hair lost is mostly in the front area then the easiFringe topper would be ideal. These toppers will instantly give you a trendy fringe.

Size of Topper

To ensure you buy the right topper to cover your hair loss, measure the area that requires coverage and select a topper that is 1 to 2 inches bigger. This will ensure that you are clipping the topper into healthy and strong hair. Jon Renau topper hair pieces are made with pressure sensitive clips to minimise damage to your healthy hair.

Base Design

Many Jon Renau easiHair Toppers come with monofilament base or french base. The Monofilament base allows you to part the topper in any direction while the french base option has the added benefit of the knotting been hidden and hence looks more natural. The French base designs are only available in human hair.


The EasiCrown toppers will cover areas of hair loss on the top of your head towards the crown. These are easy to wear and will help give your hair volume too.

Large coverage toppers for advanced stages of thinning hair loss

Those are just some of the Jon Renau Toppers we have, You can view the rest of the topper collection on our website. If you need any advice on buying a hair topper or any other hair replacement we are here to help. We have an experienced team that will find the best hair solution for you!

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