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One of the most common cosmetic issues that men face is hair loss. Hair loss can occur for many reasons and one of the myths of male pattern baldness is that, it only affects older men. A survey has shown that 47% of Irish men under 30 are experiencing hair loss. So, there must be other causes and today we are going to highlight some of the most common for you.

  1. Age – Even though hair loss is very common among younger men it is also associated with age. Hair loss is a natural part of ageing and this does affect millions of men across the globe.
  2. Genes – Balding can be genetic and this is the case for around 80% of men with hair loss. So, if your father suffered with hair loss or even your mother then you may loose your hair too. This is all to do with chromosomes which is a bit scientific but it does come down to your parents and those who came before them.
  3. Medical conditions – Baldness can also be caused by medical conditions such as alopecia, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. So, if you are experiencing hair loss, it may not be just down to age. Some medical treatments can cause hair loss too so it’s worth a check in with your doctor.

When Do Men Lose Hair?

Men can lose hair at any age however, usually starting once you hit your 20’s but in the majority of cases it happens to men in their 50’s. There can be other contributing factors like stress, medical conditions, treatments which may bring on hair loss sooner. Whether it be genetic or other factors, it could happen to one man at 20 and another one at 60. It really depends.

What are the solutions for hair loss?

Solutions for male hair loss include surgical solutions which require going under the knife, very costly and not guaranteed to work. Another solution which is becoming more popular with young men are hair systems.

PATRICK Wig for Men by NJ Creation Paris | Remy Human Hair Wig
Hair Systems and Wigs for Men

What is a hair system?

A hair system is a non surgical hair replacement solution for men experiencing pattern baldness. Ideal for men losing hair on top. The hair system is attached using special hair adhesives for a secure wear. You can swim, gym and carry on with your usual activities without any worry. It is also a more affordable solution than surgical options and gives you instant fuller hair and youthful look. For men with complete hair loss throughout, you might consider a full size hair system or one of our very natural men’s wig.

Watch our video to learn more about men’s hair systems

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