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Cancer and Hair Loss | Stacey’s Story

Cancer And Hair Loss | Stacey's Story | HairWeHaveOn | Blog Banner

Being diagnosed with cancer at 21 is something you never ever expect to go through, and hair loss is something most girls my age would only have nightmares about!

A year ago we found a 10cm wide tumour pressing on my heart and lungs and another smaller one in my neck! I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and started chemotherapy 10 days later. I had always had long thick brown hair but 3 weeks into chemo it started falling out in bunches. I decided to shave it off as it was too difficult to watch it falling out everyday.

It was very difficult as I didn’t feel like myself physically, but now I felt like I didn’t even look like myself. I often wore headscarves during treatment, but wigs became a safety blanket for me, especially on the harder days. I could grab my wig and feel like my old self again! Cancer treatment takes so much away from you, so anything that can make you can feel a bit more like your old self is a blessing! When I would go out for food or drinks with my friends, I could wear my wig and forget about cancer for those few hours. It also gave me the opportunity to play around with different styles which I loved! 

I had 7 months of chemotherapy and 20 sessions of radiotherapy in total. I’m not in remission but my last 2 scans have been stable thank god, so hopefully I won’t need anymore treatment! My hair is slowly starting to grow back, but I still love having my wigs for when I want to really feel like me again.

Hair loss is such a difficult part of cancer treatment, and it really can be the most difficult part for some people. But there are amazing wigs that can really help ease that pain a little. I know I was very nervous about even looking for a wig because I couldn’t imagine anything looking realistic. But, I couldn’t get over how much my wig looked like my own hair! It was so comfortable too, and these wigs are made specifically for people experiencing hair loss, the caps inside are amazing! 

Stacey wearing Tabu by Ellen Wille

If you too are going through hair loss, whether it is cancer related or not, I am sending you so much love! It really is so tough, but there are so many amazing options nowadays and you will feel like yourself again! 
Stacey Braddish ❤

Well done to Stacey for bravely sharing her story with our HairWeavon community. Stacey regularly posts updates on her Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Hair Loss journey on her instagram page, you can follow her here.

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