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Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs | HairWeavon Wig Online Shop

Lace front wigs are all the rage right now for several reasons. One of the perks is how natural they look along the hairline. You can part your hair in the front and pull your hair away from your face while maintaining a natural look. At HairWeavon, you will find many different lace front styles from standard to micro lace and even extended lace front. Hopefully this will bring clarity to your decision to buy a lace front wig online.

What Does a Lace Front Look Like

Touch Wig By Ellen Wille In Light Bernstein Rooted
Statement Style Wig By Raquel Welch

Types of Lace Front Wigs

When browsing different lace front wigs you will come across a few different categories. Below you will find specific details about each of the options.

Standard Lace Front

A standard lace front wig is a great option if you like to part your hair to the side or center. It allows you to achieve a natural look along the hairline. The Zora Wig by Ellen Wille is a great example of this type of lace front wig. She is a human hair lace front wig with a monofilament part. The lace front provides a natural look at the hairline and the monofilament top allows you to change up the part. This allows you to have a seamless look from the front through the part.

Zora Wig By Ellen Wille Perucci Collection


If you have sensitive skin and you find that lace wigs irritate your skin then a micro lace front might be the perfect compromise for you. Micro lace front wigs have just enough lace at the front to blend the hairline. The micro lace is so small that it limits the irritation sometimes caused by wigs with more lace. Tabu by Ellen Wille is a great example of this style of wig. Something to note about a micro lace front is that you don’t have as much freedom to change up the style like you would with a standard and extended lace front wig.

Tabu Wig By Ellen Wille In Rose Blonde

Extended Lace Front

Do you like to pull your hair back away from your face? Maybe even a half up or full up ponytail is a look you go for? If this is the case then an extended lace front might be just what you are looking for. The Anastasia Long Wig by Belle Madame is a great example of this style. The lace front extends through the ear tabs. This means the natural hairline extends all along the front of your wig. You might also see this type of lace front referred to as Temple to Temple, Ear to Ear or Super Front.

Anastasia Long RH Wig By Belle Madame

Extended Trimabable

Some human hair wigs do not come ready styled and require customization by you. The Gem collection by Trendco has many of these types of lace front wigs. The extended lace front in these wigs allow you to customize the hairline by trimming the lace to suit your style. If you are missing your natural hairline the extended trimmable lace front might be just the style for you.

Achieving the Natural Look

If you are loving the natural look of the lace front wigs but feel like something is missing you should check out our blog about Making a Wig Your Own Right Out of the Box. Kate-Leigh talked with Jo from @baldmothertucker on Instagram and she gave us so many great tips! There were some specific tips for lace front wigs, like how to disrupt the hairline to make it look even more realistic. 

We hope you have gained some insight as you search for your next lace front wig online at HairWeavon. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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