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Jason’s Alopecia Story | My Two Brows

Jason and Ariel spoke on Instagram Live all about his story and the creation of My Two Brows.

Jason's Alopecia Story | My Two Brows

The Alopecia Journey

Jason’s Alopecia story begins as a child. His dad would give him haircuts and notice the coin sized patches of hair loss. Jason always thought it was his dad’s barber skills and the word Alopecia didn’t enter his vocabulary until he was older. At that time it was in one ear and out the other. The patchy hair loss wasn’t excessive and he was able to live his life without much consequence.

Added Stress

Then at the age of 19 or 20 Jason’s Alopecia story takes a turn. At this time in his life he joined the Airforce and entered Military college. The extremely stressful situations that put him in, coupled with an antibiotic he was on, is what he thinks triggered Alopecia Universalis. His hair started falling out in clumps. With the fear and trauma fresh he searched for solutions. Loosing his eyebrows was the hardest thing. It takes away so much expression and definition to your face, which left Jason feeling a little lost. How was he suppose to draw on his brows with absolutely no makeup experience? Then, when questioning makeup counters at Mac and Sephora they were left at a loss as well. Jason was ready to embrace the bald look, but without brows it was much more difficult.

The Search for a Cure

As with many of us, this led him on a search for a cure. With terrible side effects like blisters and cataracts he turned to a natural doctor in hopes of a less invasive cure. After following a strict diet for two years that often left him light headed, he made the choice to enjoy a variety of foods again. He found a hair system that gave him some confidence back. Jason remembers the first time he wore his new wig. He didn’t want the extra attention, but people noticed. Even though it was awkward at first, it became less of an ordeal the more he wore it.

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The Regrowth

After a year of wig wearing, Jason was surprised to see almost all his hair grow back. He was thrilled. He could go swimming without worrying about his hair or eyebrows coming off. Then, in the cruel way Alopecia works, it all fell out again. This left him digging out his old hair system and searching for more modern treatments. However, none of the treatments gave him lasting hair growth.

The Search for Brows

Then the search for the perfect brow solution began. Jason tried eyebrow wigs, stencils and powder makeup which all left him wanting. He saw the need for a perfect brow solution that comes in all shapes, sizes and colours.

The Creation of My Two Brows

With extensive market research and a skilled graphic designer, Jason created My Two Brows. The waterproof temporary tattoo brow that comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. The perfect way to “Take Back Your Identity.” Jason has created a brow transfer that is waterproof and can last up to three days. Another big perk with these transfer brows is they only take seconds to apply. This is such a contrast to drawing on your brows, which can often smear and wash off in the water. Skill and time are often required to get a natural looking brow, but with My Two Brows you don’t need either. Jason also wanted us to try the brows risk free, so there is a 100% money back guarantee. Once you have tried the brows and love them, there is a subscription option so you never run out! Save money and keep yourself out of a no brow bind.

This is one of Jason’s videos showing you how easy it is to apply the brows.

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