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The Hair Loss Community

The Hair Loss Community

September is Alopecia Awareness Month. It’s all about spreading alopecia love, alopecia acceptance and alopecia awareness. In our latest Instagram Live, Kate-Leigh hosted from the Dublin head quarters and Ariel joined from the Austin office to talk all about their experiences with the hair loss community. From the hair loss community giving them the hope and courage to move forward, to now sharing their own stories for others who are in the thick of hair loss. Those of us experiencing hair loss can uniquely understand each other and that is what makes the hair loss community so special.

The Hair Loss Community | Instagram Live

Finding the hair loss Community

Ariel's Story

Ariel found the hair loss community on instagram when she first started loosing her hair.. She was looking for an explanation for all the hair loss. Before she was able to see a dermatologist her sister connected her to a friend with Alopecia Universalils who ended up recommending a few women on Instagram to follow.

Seeing such beautiful, strong women living their lives to the fullest. Seeing women in loving relationships. Seeing women in the workforce, modeling, makeup artists, mothers. Many of them were happy and fulfilled. Their hair loss was there. It was a part of their lives, but it wasn’t all consuming. It gave Ariel so much hope. It gave her the courage to be bold! To be unapologetically bald.

The online community opened up a whole new world of wigs, natural wigs. Wigs made just for those with hair loss. Her confidence grew. Connecting with these women sped up the grieving process. Something that could have taken a lifetime to work through has grown into something so meaningful and purposeful in just a couple years.

Now that Ariel is able to share her story it has been incredible for her to get messages from women who were in the same place she was two year ago. Because of her hair loss she can uniquely relate to these women. To help them see there is life beyond hair loss. She can now do for them what was once done for her.

Kate-Leigh's Story

Kate-Leigh’s first experience with hair loss and the internet began many years earlier than Ariel’s. She was 7 years old when she lost her hair. There were no community support groups in her small town in the West of Ireland.

So, at the age of 9 or 10 she found herself on a desktop computer googling alopecia. She can still see it now. A few sentences about alopecia totalis, and a few about alopecia universalis. It was a way for her to understand what was happening to her. Something outside of the doctors office.

Then, later in 2012, she connected with a girl on Tumblr through the alopecia hashtag. Her mind was blown when she saw this girl with a boyfriend. Kate-Leigh was 14 at the time. Her hair loss was the end of the world in her mind. She couldn’t even imagine finding someone who would love and appreciate her in spite of her hair loss. Looking back now it seems a bit silly to her. Knowing now all she has been able to accomplish. Her hair loss hasn’t held her back. It hasn’t been the end of the world.

Then, a couple years after that, Instagram came into the picture. There were only a couple hundred posts under the alopecia awareness hashtag at that time. (Unlike today when you could spend hours scrolling through the hashtag!) Kate-Leigh began sharing her hair loss story. Just little pieces here and there. Then more women started showing up online in about 2016, all sharing their hair loss journey. These women have all come together and helped each other through hair loss thanks to Instagram and this community.

The HairWeavon Team

Ariel's Story

Joining the HairWeavon Team has been one of the most beautiful things that has happened as a result of Ariel’s hair loss. She was simply sharing her story on Instagram. Sharing about one of her first wig purchases, Diana by NJ Creations from HairWeavon. When Yinka, the creator of HairWeavon, reached out to Ariel to become a guest blogger. She jumped at the opportunity to share her story with a bigger platform. It helped turn her pain of hair loss into a purpose. As this grew and evolved she was invited to join the team. It all came from being open about her experience and having a desire to reach out to others in the same situation.

DIANA Wig By NJ Creation Paris
DIANA Wig by NJ Creation Paris in R8-8 33 27T

Kate-Leigh's Story

In high school Kate-Leigh worked on a group project. Her group surprised her with the topic of alopecia. They named their project Baldilocks and the 29 Hairs. It was a social media campaign that changed her life. It gave her a bigger perspective and more confidence. It connected her with other Irish people with hair loss. She gained the support of her peers. Then, when the lockdown started, Kate-Leigh posted more about her personal experience with alopecia. She shared about her experience as a customer at HairWeavon, and then Yinka reached out to her. She has been a member of the team since.

This community has been more than Kate-Leigh and Ariel could have hoped for when they started sharing. They are present on the HairWeavon Instagram account, so please reach out to them! You can also contact us if you need any help on your hair loss journey.

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