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Alopecia Awareness Month 2022

Alopecia Awareness Month Blog | September 2022

Inspired by Alopecia Awareness Month 2022, we put this list together of our favorite alopecia resources. Finding a good community and reliable information can make all the difference in a journey with hair loss.


If you haven’t yet, find us on Instagram @HairWeavon_com, where you will find information, personal stories, and products to help you through Alopecia. If you need a little confidence boost check out our Live with Abby Wren, a makeup artist whose saying is “Different is Dope.” If you are struggling with your eyebrows check out our Live with Jason at My Two Brows. If you are looking for some tips and tricks to help you work out with Alopecia, we have a Live for that. If you need some wigspriation, check out one of our many Lives showing of a selection of wigs from our top brands.

Alopecia Podcasts

If you have Alopecia, but are not quite ready to join the Instagram community, there are a couple of podcasts all about alopecia. Paige and Kristen of Those Bald Chicks, share their experiences with Alopecia through laughter. They recently did a series of interviews with mothers who have a child with Alopecia. An endearing podcast aimed to inspire and inform.

Those Bald Chicks | Blog | Alopecia Resources

Another great podcast is the Alopecia Connection by Frank. He uses his experience with Alopecia to shed light on the experiences of men with Alopeica.


If you choose to wear wigs or hair toppers and shop online, it can be near impossible to choose the right colour from the images online. We have filled our YouTube channel with videos of hair colours, so the next time you are struggling with the colour, check out some colour videos! You can also find videos of how to properly wash your hair pieces and videos of different wigs and cap constructions in detail.

Hair Loss Diary

Alison Mann is a fellow Alopecian who has used her experiences and training to help others through the mental health struggles that often come with learning to accept your authentic self. She has created the Hair Loss Diary. A tool to help you though your hair loss journey. It is packed with self care and therapeutic activities.

Hair Loss Diary | Alopecia Blog

The Baldtourage

Are you looking for a community that feels like family? The Baldtourage is a space for women and girls to share their stories and experiences with others who can relate. With over 2000 members across the United States and world you will never feel alone! The creator, Christe Valdiserri is a Sports Illustrated Model, Professional Dancer and Fitness Instructer all while rocking her bald head!

The Baldtourage | Alopecia Support Group | Blog Post
Big Bald Energy

Amber Nevala is normalizing bald women with her Big Bald Energy clothing line. She recently launched a collection of rainbow themed shirts and sweaters to remember Rio and shed light on bullying.

Big Bald Energy | Alopecia Support | Clothing
Rio's Rainbow

Rio’s Rainbow is a nonprofit dedicated to ending bullying in memory of Rio. Learn how to get involved and find resources to help you or a loved who may be experiencing bullying.

Rio's Rainbow | Nonprofit | Alopecia Support
Free Alopecia Support Products

Last but certainly not least we have two Alopecia support products available free at Bald Barbie and the book, I Am Not My Hair.

In collaboration with Smyth’s Toy Shop in Ireland, we are able to gift this beautiful Bald Barbie Doll to any parent or little one who is experiencing hair loss or trying to understand Alopecia. There is no cost for the Bald Barbie Doll, we just ask you to pay the shipping cost. Our hope is that the bald barbie doll will represent beauty and acceptance. Our true belief is that hair or no hair, wig or bald, you are beautiful.

In collaboration with Deléna Thompson who was just four when she started losing her hair and was diagnosed with Alopecia, we are happy to gift this wonderful book that she wrote at the age of 6 to any parent or little one who is experiencing hair loss or trying to understand Alopecia. I Am Not My Hair is a heart-warming illustrated book that tells Deléna’s story, and is dedicated to all children who have ever felt different.

I Am Not My Hair | Delena Thompson

I Am Not My Hair | Delena Thompson

Bald Barbie Is Helping Children Cope With Hair Loss

Bald Barbie is Helping Children Cope With Hair Loss

We hope everyone has a great Alopecia Awareness Month 2022 and has the opportunity to learn something new about Alopecia! The Alopecia community is so special, you are never alone in hair loss.

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