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This wig measurement guide and videos will help you measure your head for a ready to wear Wig or a Custom wig.

How to measure your head for a 'ready to wear' wig

For a ready to wear wig, simply measure the circumference from the forehead to the nape. The measurement should be over the ears and not on the ears.
Most ready to wear wig brands have the following wig sizes

  • Standard / Average 54-56cm
  • Small / Petite 52-54cm
  • Large 57-60cm

This video shows how you can easily measure your head for a ready to wear wig.

How to measure your head for a customised wig

To measure your head for a custom wig, follow the instructions in the video below and then email us your exact wig measurements.


In general, the standard measurements (in cm) for a small, medium or large wig sizes are:

Small Medium Large
Circumference of the head 54.6cm 57.1cm 59.6cm
From forehead to nape of neck 35.5cm 36.8cm 38.7cm
Ear to ear across forehead 27.9cm 29.2cm 30.4cm
Ear to ear over top 31.7cm 31.7cm 33.6cm
From temple to temple around back 35.5cm 36.8cm 38.6cm
Nape of Neck 12.7cm 13.9cm 15.2cm

Before measuring, make sure to flatten your hair and use a tape measure.

measure your wig cap sizemeasure tape for hair piece

For help measuring your head for a wig or for a FREE and private consultation with one of our wig specialists, over Skype or in person, feel free to contact our team

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