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HairWeavon are specialists in non surgical Hair Replacement for Men & Wigs for Women with hair loss. Order online for Free Shipping or Book a free consultation today at our Wig Shop!

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Dublin IRL Hair Centre +353 (0) 1 430 3978
Online Orders +353 (0) 1 539 0661
First Floor, 302 Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin, D06 R3K6, Ireland
To ensure privacy for all our clients, we are open by appointment only. Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (GMT+1)

Our consultation process for men and women looking for a hair loss solutions involves listening to you, explaining a little about wearing a hair system or a wig and a bit of  good ‘ole down to earth advice and guidance.

Paul HairWeavon Hair System TechnicianFor many men and women, this is a sensitive area and not always easy to talk about. To be able to talk openly and frankly in a friendly and understanding environment can be of great help. We allow plenty of time for that first chat, it’s amazing how a good look at the issue together with solutions in mind, can change everything for you.

It can be hard to visualize or imagine just how a wig or modern hair system might look on you or how actually wearing one will fit in with your lifestyle. We can show you what a hair system looks and feels like and talk about how easily it can fit in with your lifestyle, making your hair loss problem a thing of the past.

At the consultation, we might take some measurements for your hair system, match your hair colour perfectly, texture and length and discuss the final style/look with you.

If you have any questions or would like to book a free, no obligation consultation, contact us in Dublin. Our staff are very friendly and our goal is always to support you and help you find the best hair loss solution for you.

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