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Topper hair pieces are used to disguise thinning hair and to give thinner hair volume. It is perfect for those who have hair loss but who do not need a full wig. You can still have your natural hair with the volume and coverage you want. Just like with a wig there are some things you need to know before you buy. So, we are here to help and have the top tips you need to know when choosing topper hair pieces.

Stage of Hair Loss

When choosing a topper hair piece you first of all need to consider and look at which stage of hair loss you are in. There are three stages and there are toppers designed for each stage:
Beginning Stage which is very mild
Mid/Progressive Stage which is when hair loss becomes more noticeable
Advanced Stage which is when you have a lot of hair loss

Area of Hair Loss

After you have thought about which stage you are in, you need to determine the area of hair loss. The areas where hair loss occurs are:
The front of the hair or where you have a fringe
The crown which is at the back of your head
At the part which is along the top of your head
Throughout which is all over the top area of your head
So, have a look at your hair loss and see where it is occurring the most, this is the area you need to measure.


easiFringe Heat Friendly Piece by Jon RenaueasiPart PieceTop Crown PieceTop Full Piece Placement & Base Dimension

Measuring the Area

When measuring the area of hair loss your measurement should begin and end where you have some natural hair. This is because the hair needs to be able to support the topper. It needs to be able to hold the weight of both the hair of the topper and the topper itself. By clipping the topper to a good amount of natural hair you will avoid more hair loss because the hair can support the weight. Once you have found where you have the most hair, measure the front to back, then side to side. You can use these measurements to keep track of hair loss too. This can be of use because hair loss can progress so you can write down your measurements and ensure you are still using the right topper. Hair loss patterns can change so it is important to keep track. It is recommended that you check every six months.

Once you have figured out which stage you are in, decided which area of hair loss you have and measured the area you are ready to choose your topper.

Hair Toppers at HairWeavon

At HairWeavon we have a large collection of beautiful hair toppers that cater to all hair loss stages and areas. We are also excited to introduce the Jon Renau easiHair Topper range. This is an exclusive topper collection that is unrivaled and the collection has styles and hair lengths for every hair loss stage. You can have beautiful, voluminous hair with ease. Here are some of our favourites

easiFringe by Jon Renau is available in human hair and heat friendly fibre and up to 25 natural colours

Before EasiHair Piece by Jon Renau

Before EasiFringe Piece by Jon Renau

easiFringe Heat Friendly Piece by Jon Renau

easiFringe | Placement & Base dimension

EasiFringe Human Hair Piece by Jon Renau

EasiFringe Human Hair Piece in Colour 6RN








easiPart French Base Topper for beginning stages of hair loss is available in Human hair and in 8, 12 and 18 inches hair length 

Before EasiHair Piece by Jon Renau

Before EasiPart French Topper by Jon Renau

easipart French Piece

easiPart french Topper | Placement & Base Dimension

easiPart French 12inch Topper

easiPart French Piece 12inches in 12FS8








easiCrown Topper is available in both human hair and heat friendly fibre in 12 and 18 inches hair length

Before EasiHair Piece by Jon Renau

Before EasiCrown Topper Piece by Jon Renau

easiCrown Topper Piece by Jon Renau

easiCrown Topper | Placement & Base Dimension

easiCrown 18inch Topper human hair by Jon Renau

easiCrown Topper Human hair in 18inches & Colour 6F27








If you need any advice on choosing the right topper, you can visit us at our wig shop or we can contact you by Skype. We are here to help you choose the right topper that will make you look and feel amazing!

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