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HairWeavon are specialists in non surgical Hair Replacement for Men & Wigs for Women with hair loss. Order online for Free Shipping or Book a free consultation today at our Wig Shop!

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Hair loss affects both men and women. We know how equally traumatic hair loss can be for cancer patients, whether you are male or female, so it is important for men to know that there are amazing wigs for men available just like there are for women. At HairWeavon we are here to help you look and feel good during such difficult periods of hair loss.

Why wear a wig?
When asked about wigs your first thought may be that wigs are just for women. However, this is not the case. Men suffer with hair loss through various conditions and it can be just as distressing for men to loose their hair.

Do Wigs Look Natural?
Wigs for men in the past have been known to look unnatural. However, wig designs are now more innovative and wigs can look so natural that no-one will tell you are wearing a wig. You can have a great hairstyle without hassle and fuss and infact, most of our clients actually forget they are wearing it.

Justin 2.0 Wig For Men by Ellen Wille

Justin 2.0 Wig in PEPPER MIX

Steven Sport 2.0 Wig For Men by Ellen Wille

Steven Sport 2.0 Wig in M17S

Roger Sport Wig For Men by Ellen Wille

Roger Sport 2.0 Wig in M38S










George 5 Stars 2.0 Wig For Men by Ellen Wille

George 5 Stars 2.0 Wig in M46S

Men Who Wear Wigs
Don’t just take our word for the rise in demand of men’s wigs. Celebrities wear them too! Many Hollywood actors also use hair loss solutions. There are a lot of men changing their look and replacing hair with wigs. So, forget the idea that wigs for men are not popular because if it is good enough for the A-listers you can wear one too!

Wigs for Men at HairWeavon

Ellen Wille is one of the most trusted wig designers in the industry which is why we love her HAIRforMANce Wig Collection which come in a variety of styles and several natural colours. All our ready to wear men’s wigs are made with synthetic hair and hence holds their style better. So, you wont have to worry about styling or making the hair look more natural. Take a look at some of the ready to wear and ready styled wigs we have to offer.

Customised men’s wigs and hair pieces are also available for full and partial hair loss. Simply get in touch and let us know what your style requirements are. We are here to give you any advice you need, so feel free to contact us anytime.


Johnny Wig For Men by Ellen Wille

Johnny Wig in M36S

Toupet Jim for Men by Ellen Wille

Toupet Jim in M5S

Roger 5 Star Wig For Men by Ellen Wille

Roger 5 Stars 2.0 Wig in M51S










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