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John Travolta is one of many A-listers that have been on a hair replacement journey. Recently an Instagram post surfaced from John Travolta’s account showing him embracing his natural, hairless look. This picture has sparked conversations about male baldness and has received lots of positivity, with comments and nearly 150,000 likes.

With male baldness now being a hot topic BBC Radio discussed male baldness with two men who use hair replacement systems, one of which is a client at HairWeavon. We were very excited that this topic has made big news and that one of our clients got to share his positive story about his hair replacement.

You can listen to the full BBC interview here or read the highlights below! The interview began with the introduction of the two men:  Darren from Cork, Ireland and Paul from Chorley, England. Here are Darren and Paul’s stories.

BBC Radio interview with Men who wear Hair Replacement Systems

Darren began by explaining to the radio host that he began losing his hair very early. He noticed that at 17-18 years of age his hairline had started to recede. Then he went on to explain how this hit him unexpectedly. We thought this was an excellent point to make as male baldness can be quite a shock especially for younger men. As time went on Darren’s hair loss progressed. He explained that his hair began to disappear in the middle of his forehead and down the sides. In his mid 20’s the hair on top thinned out too. During this time he was extremely conscious about it and started trying different things. He started by shaving his head which he decided was not his look and just didn’t suit him. He didn’t like the shaved look and started trying other solutions. He went on to say that he tried flakes (hair fibre dusts), dying his hair and wearing hats. One colour he tried was silver to try and hide the bald spots and after that did not work he wore beanies and baseball caps. He wore hats whenever he could, even for short trips to the shops.

After trying this and not finding the solution for him, Darren then tried looking at different hair replacements. After a lot of research, he discovered hair systems. Darren explained how hair systems and wigs are two very different things and that there are misconceptions. He explained a wig is just placed on your head but is most commonly worn by women and celebs like Kim Kardashian. Then talked about other popular solutions with celebrities such as surgical hair transplants. He read about Wayne Rooney and his journey but decided that the pain and surgery was not for him. He concluded that a hair system that is physically glued to your scalp was the next option and he decided to see how it went and if he was happy with the results that he would keep it.

Darren was asked if he was happy with his hair replacement option and he replied ‘I couldn’t be happier with my hair system‘.

The next guest was called Paul and he started loosing his hair early too, around 20 or 21 years of age. He explained that his first option was to shave the hair off. Paul went on to discuss his concerns about hair loss, mainly about dating. He was worried about finding love after loosing his hair as it was not something that many people in their 20’s deal with. Then he gave hair systems a go. He was amazed by the difference. After wearing his hair replacement, he said his dating life improved and his “tinder blew up” and he got lots of messages and positive comments about his hair. Paul feels like he now gets more dates than before!

Another good point brought up by Paul was getting ready for a night out. With no hair he felt like something was missing from his look. Darren added that having new hair does make a difference too, as before he would have his hairdresser friend spend time on covering up the bald patches. He would also focus on the bald patches whenever photos were taken of the night out. So, Darren actually spends less time getting ready now!

The interview began to come to a close and the host asked if the two liked Travolta’s bald look. Both said yes it looked great on him and that it suits him. To finish, both men were asked if they would then dump the hair system when they are older. Both said maybe but are not sure. So, time will tell! Darren ended the interview by telling his fellow men to own it!

We are so pleased that both men are very happy with their new hair and that their lives have changed for the better! At HairWeavon, we are here to help through your hair loss journey and help regain your confidence. You can contact our friendly staff, ask for advice, ask questions and get started on your own hair replacement journey!

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