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Hair loss is one of the biggest cosmetic concerns for men and men of all ages can start to lose their hair. A survey by DHI Hair Restoration has shown that 49% of Irish men under the age of 30 are experiencing some kind of hair loss. The good news is that there are many solutions such as surgical hair replacement and non surgical hair replacement. Modern hair pieces are becoming more popular for men of all ages who want to achieve amazing hair replacement results without invasive surgical processes.

Even though lots of men are concerned about hair loss so many men are reluctant to speak up about this issue. Now thanks to celebrities and tv shows this has been highlighted and more men are speaking about it than ever before. One recent example was seen on Channel 4’s tv show Body Fixers. A young man had experienced hair loss and spent so long trying to hide it with a comb over. He had recently undergone a hair transplant too. However, waiting for the hair to grow back was not an option as he had a special occasion coming up. That is where the non surgical hair replacement came in. A hair piece was used to cover up the bald spot and this allowed his hair replacement to continue growing and as you can see the results were fantastic!

At HairWeavon, we have experienced stories just like this. Hundreds of male clients have come through our doors at all different stages of hair loss. We have talked to lots of men with the same issue and discovered the many inventive ways that men try to hide their hair loss from comb overs to feather dust products. We have been able to help them get their youthful look back. With our non invasive hair replacement service you can regain your confidence and a full head of hair again. Hair pieces give you fast and natural results and are lower in cost than surgical options too. So, it is a fantastic alternative for men who do not want to go down the surgical route.

HairWeavon hair replacement clinic is located in Dublin, where men can book a private consultation. For men living out of reach of the clinic, you can contact our friendly team from anywhere in the world and still benefit from our amazing hair pieces and services. We will create a bespoke hair piece for you and guide you on the care and maintenance of your hair. Not only will you look amazing but you can still continue with your favourite activities such as swimming and you can even get the wind in your hair! What are you waiting for, contact us today, we are here to help.

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