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Blonde is one of the most popular hair colours and this is same for Wigs too. There are so many different shades to choose from. Whether you are looking for a honey blonde colour just like Beyonce or are looking for a light and sunkissed colour for the summer, there is a blonde wig to suit every woman. We know how much our clients love blonde wigs so we have a wide selection of blonde shades with and without root to offer.

Rooted Blonde Wigs

At HairWeavon we have what are called rooted blonde wigs. These type of wigs are blonde but they have a darker root colour. The root colour is expertly matched to the blonde shade so the colours compliment each other perfectly. Wigs with root colour will look more natural because nobody’s hair is all one shade. So, it will have a more realistic appearance and it will give you a salon finish look every day.

One such popular blonde colour is Jon Renau’s 12FS8 and 12FS12. These are the same blonde colours but 12SF8 has a darker root colour 8 while the 12FS12 has a lighter root colour 12.

Jon Renau 12FS8 vs 12FS12 Blonde

More Blonde Wigs at HairWeavon

If you need inspiration in selecting your blonde shade, we have a variety of blonde wigs available. Here are the most popular blonde wig colours that our clients love.

Jon Renau Blondes

In the below video, we introduce you to 4 new gorgeous California Blonde wig colours by Jon Renau. These blonde colours are now available in Jon Renau human hair lace wigs.

Ellen Wille Champagne Rooted Blondes

Ellen Wille Sand and Sandy Blonde

Ellen Wille Bernstein and Light Bernstein Blondes

We hope you have found inspiration from our blonde wigs. You can view all of the blonde wigs on the HairWeavon website and you can check out other colours too. If you have any questions about these wigs or any other wigs. Please feel free to contact our team. We are here to help you find the perfect Blonde wig!

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