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Yes, you can make your human hair wig even more fab by colouring it to your own taste. One of our favourite human hair wig brand is Jon Renau. Jon Renau have a special range of human hair wig colours called the Renau Natural colours which allow for re-colouring.

easiPart French 8inch Topper
easiPart French Piece By Jon Renau in 8inches and Colour 6RN

These are the only wigs we would recommend attempting to re-colour. These Renau natural colours are 4RN, 6RN, 8RN 12RN, 613RN, FS12/26RN, 24B22RN.

Here is a video showing how to colour your Jon Renau RN human hair wig.

We recommend using the services of an experienced colourist for this. Contact us to book a colour consultation with one of our hair replacement stylist.

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