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Difference between hair system and hair transplant

Perma Plus Hair System By Ellen Wille

Two of the most popular hair replacement solutions are a hair systems and hair transplant. But what is the difference? Well the main difference between is that a hair transplant is surgical and a hair replacement system is not.

A hair transplant involves moving hair follicles from one area of your body into the balding section of your head. Whereas a hair system is a modern, securely fitted hair piece. With a hair transplant you are not guaranteed results and it may not grow a full head of hair.

A hair transplant when successful is a permanent solution while a hair system would need to be changed every 6 to 12 months. The price tag is another big difference though. A hair system will cost you approx €2000 a year while hair transplants cost 10s of thousands.

Overall a hair transplant is a big commitment with risks but with a hair system, you could have a full head of hair within 2 hours. Here’s a video showing the process of fitting a hair system

Hair Replacement Systems for Men Balding
Hair System Before and After

If you have any questions about hair systems, feel free to contact HairWeavon. Our hair system stylists will be happy to help.

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