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Tape or Liquid Adhesive for your hair system

Wig Care Products

New to hair replacement systems and trying to figure out if you should use tapes or liquid adhesive. Here are some of the pros and cons. Tapes are great because they are versatile and can be used on different types of hair system bases. They are easier to apply and remove from the hair system.

1522 Clear Tape Roll

If you have sensitive skin, then tapes are a better option for you. The 1522 clear tape roll is a great hypoallergenic option for sensitive skin as it is gentle on the skin. The 1522 clear tape is more suitable for daily wear though.

Mini Strip Wig Tapes

The mini strip tapes are also hypoallergenic and great alternative to liquid adhesive, with secure hold of up to 4 weeks and hence perfect for extended wear.

Ultra Hold Wig Tape

For an even easier way of applying tape to your hair system, check out the Ultra hold tape which is ready cut in a pack of 36 strips and gives an even stronger hold of up to 6 weeks.

Hair System Glue Bond Adhesive

Liquid adhesive (often refer to as glue) can provide a stronger hold than tapes but the liquid can something run through the hair system making clean up more difficult. Better used by a hair replacement stylist.

Before using either tapes or liquid adhesive, we recommend doing a patch test, applying a small amount on the back of your ear for 24 hours. Do not wash the area during this time. If you experience any sensitivity, then seek an alternative product.

Our Top Tip

Combine tape and liquid adhesive for the optimum hold and result. Use liquid adhesive for the front hair line and tapes on the sides and back for an overall comfortable and strong hold.

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