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How To Secure Your Wig

How To Secure Your Wig

All wig wearers can identify with the feeling of dread when your wig isn’t secure… If you’re doing any high intensity activities such as playing sports, or acting on stage, you would need to feel extra security.

It’s stereotypical for wigs to be associated with itchy wig caps that, let’s face it, aren’t the most comfortable. Nets, and caps are a thing of the past. Thankfully wig technology has expanded, and there are better products to help everything stay in place.

Mini Strip Tape

Mini Strip Tape | Hypoallergenic

•Mini Strip Tape for securing wigs, men’s hair systems, topper hair pieces

•Strong tact

•Perfect for extended wear systems


•Great alternative to strong liquid adhesives

•The blue backing has small holes that allow the scalp to breath

The Wig Fix

Wig Fix by Renatural

•The wig fix is the first ever skin soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, and lightweight silicon headband that secures your wig.

•The ridges grip on to the wig, this tension secures your hair piece and is ROLLERCOASTER PROOF!

Ultra Hold Wig Glue

Ultra Hold Hair System Glue

•The Ultra Hold Hair System and Wig Glue has a strong hold

•Waterproof bond

•Comfortable hold for up to six weeks

•A rock solid choice for a long term hold

•Can be used on lace and non-lace hair pieces

•Best for high intensity activities, sweatproof. Long-lasting under strong stage lights, or while playing sports

No Shine Double Sided Tape

No shine roll | Double sided Tape for wigs and hair systems

•It is No Shine, this means it has a dull finish

•Virtually invisible through your hair piece

•Used for wigs, toppers, mens hair systems, tape hair extensions

The Wig Grip

Wig Grip with Velvet material in Black Brown Beige

•Wig grip to secure your wig to your head

•Flexible and thin velvet material

•Provides friction to keep your wig from moving and sliding back.

Headline It No Sweat Wig Liner

Headline it Wig Liner | HairWeavon

•The Spunlace material holds up to 5 times its weight in sweat.

•The moisture transport system pulls the sweat away from the head 

•Evaporates continuously, regulating the core body temperature. 

• The non slip material prevents your wig from shifting on your head

•Camouflages under your wig•1 box contains 10 disposable liners

•Each liner can be used for 10-14 days before disposing of it 

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