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During COVID-19, we are still here for you at and continue to ship safely without delays

HairWeavon featured on RTE Six One News and The Irish Independent Newspaper

HairWeavon Featured On RTE Six One News And The Irish Independent

COVID -19 changed life as we know it this year. Businesses have had to adapt to suit their customers needs, in a way never seen before. Restrictions were introduced, and we were told to ‘stay at home’. Everything went online. Grocery shopping, family gatherings, and even church services. Life seemed to have come to a halt in many ways, but kept going in others. At HairWeavon, we were determined to continue to support our hair loss clients.

Yinka Martin | Independent Newspaper Article | COVID and Online Business

Medical wigs are a necessity for people going through cancer treatment, and for people with alopecia. They are an essential item for many of our clients. Although we could not provide face to face consultations, Zoom became the space to meet and chat to our clients. It has been amazing how well our clients have taken to this new way of doing things.

Even though we are not in our wig shop in Rathmines, we can still guarantee you the same level of excellent service. We will continue to offer video consultations into the future, even when COVID is a distant memory. This will save time for customers who live outside of Dublin, and even Ireland!

Our CEO Yinka spoke on The RTE Six One News, and The Independent newspaper, about our investments over the years, to develop our online wig shop. During this process, we always had our customers in mind, especially those who are new to wearing a wig or hair piece. We want our online customers to have a good experience when shopping with us. We hope that our video content, blogs that include useful tips and inspirational stories, will make this new shopping experience an easy one for every customer!

We promise not to lose sight of the emotion involved in looking after our customers, even though we can’t see you face-to-face due to COVID. Our relationship with customers are incredibly important to us. It’s difficult to go through hair loss, but you are not alone and we are always here to help.

In The Independent newspaper article, Yinka also encourages other business owners to embrace technology and get their products online.

When COVID is no longer in our lives, our best efforts online will still continue. We reach more of you, our customers, in the virtual world and we’ve made many global connections in the last year, and we’re excited to make many more in years to come.

Here for you always, The HairWeavon team xx

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