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Wig Base Constructions

Wig Base Construction

A wig base can have several different features. Generally speaking, the more features the base has means the more versatile the wig is, and the more expensive it is too. The cheapest types of wigs are those machine made or wefted. Then we have ones with a monofilament top, and ones with lace front. The ideal wig will have a combination of these different features. Below, we will explain the benefits of each feature, and include pictures so you can understand what they look like.


A monofilament wig has hair that is sewn into a fine sheer mesh material. This material is transparent so when you place the wig on your head, it looks just like the hair is growing out of your scalp!

The most important feature of the monofilament cap is that you can part the wig, as you wish in the monofilament area, giving you more styling options.

This cap type is so natural, breathable, comfortable, and the hair moves naturally, just like your own hair would.

Here’s what a wig with a monofilament top looks like.

Ellen Wille Monofilament Top with Extended Lace Front Cap

So what’s the difference between a mono crown and mono top, and mono part?

A Mono top wig (See Picture Above) has a large monofilament area that can measure around 5 inches across the top of the head where the hair line is usually parted. Ultimately, the full mono top gives you more of an area to alter your wig style. So you can chose to part it on the left, right, or cut in a fringe.

Faux Fringe Synthetic Hair Piece Raquel Welch
Faux Fringe | Base

A Mono Crown wig has a small circular shaped monofilament area located in the crown. It gives you a natural contour at the top of your head.

Partial Mono Lace Cap Front by Rene of Paris

A mono part wig, has a monofilament area that is smaller than the area a mono top covers. The monofilament is usually 2 inches by 5 inches, and is placed exactly where your hairline would be.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs have a seamless sheer lace material along the hairline at the front of the wig. Lace front wigs are much loved because it gives the illusion of a natural hairline. The lace is made to match the hair colour and skin tone of the wearer. Most premium wig brands, are available with lace fronts.

Lace front wigs allow for wearing your hair pulled back off your face. Many wig wearers also choose to use adhesives or tape in the lace front area, to allow wearing the wig for a long period of time or in bed.

Debutante Wig by Gabor

Wefted Wigs

Noriko Feather Light Machine Wefted Cap by Rene of Paris

The Machine Wefted Cap also referred to as a basic cap has open wefts in the back of the wig. Hair is sewed and wefted together in strips, that drape in horizontal lines across the back and nape of the wig. The spacing between each weft makes the wig light and breathable.

The machine wefted caps are the least expensive, as they are quicker to make whereas the other types of caps are handmade.
Many chemotherapy patients find these wigs with open wefting great, as they keep your head cool.
These wigs are also perfect for the summer time, and for hotter climates.

Hand Tied Cap

Mono Top and Hand tied back Estetica

Our customers tell us that the Hand Tied Cap is by far the most comfortable fit. Each hair is individually hand tied into the cap and gives the appearance of natural growth.

It’s fabric is stretchy, breathable and has a soft self adhesive lining for a secure and comfortable fit. And because this wig is completely hand made it is the most expensive type of wig.

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