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It was good to hear Loose Women talk today about their female hair loss experiences and to encourage other women to talk more about it.

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Following Harry Styles recent generous hair donation for a wig making charity, we have had several enquiries from women who wish to know if they can use their own hair to make a wig

Yes, we can help you to use your own hair to make a wig.

Clients who are about to undergo chemotherapy treatment, can use their own hair for making a wig.

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Girl with nine wigs

21 Dec 2015 16:47:41

Sophie Van der stap was just 21 years old when she was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma a rare form of cancer in her lung. Read more about her hair loss journey.

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Weaves are a clever hair extension method where the person’s own hair is firstly braided neatly into fine tracks, and then the hair weaves are sewn onto these tracks.

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HairWeavon are excited to introduce our new range of turbans and Scarves.

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Baby Hair

4 Dec 2015 16:53:48

The Baby hair look is popular because it’s so cute and gives a wig a more natural and discrete look. 

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Custom Front Lace Wig's

2 Dec 2015 13:49:50

Here is a look at a custom front lace human hair wig that was custom made for a client recently.

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International men's day

19 Nov 2015 11:40:34

November 19th 2015 marks "International Men's Day"

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Men's hair replacement systems

12 Nov 2015 11:10:45

At HairWeavon we cater for every type of client experiencing hair loss: hair thinning, male pattern baldness, alopecia, patients undergoing Chemotherapy etc. Read More

Victoria Secret Hair

11 Nov 2015 15:50:01

The Secret to Victoria Secret hair is hair extensions!

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