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The natural appearance of wigs are always improving. Rooted Wigs, new colours, cuts and materials are being used to create more natural looking wigs than ever before. A detail that you should look for in a wig is if it is rooted. A rooted wig is exactly how it sounds. These wigs will have a main colour and a different colour at the root to make the hair actually look like it is growing out of the scalp. This colour difference gives the illusion of natural hair.

French Wig in SANDY BLONDE ROOTED by Ellen Wille

More about Rooted Wigs?

Rooted wigs are available in many different colours so there is wig to suit everyone. The root colour is usually a darker colour than the rest of the wig which makes the wig look really natural and helps disguise the base and hair line also. Wig brands have root colour of anything from 0.5 inches root colour to some longer root coloured wigs, up to 2 inches root hair length.

Janelle Wig by Rene of Paris
Janelle Wig with Part Mono in MACADAMIA LONG ROOTED | Long Rooted means it has a Darker Longer Root of approximately 4-5cm, giving an Ombre colour effect

Then you have the balayage style which has lots of root colour, this is one of the hottest hair trends to try at the moment. The colour blends well because the process is very delicate. Colour is applied to wigs by hand to give a neat and precise finished result. The shades used will always be complimentary which means the colour blends beautifully.

Where Can You Buy A Rooted Wig?

Rooted wigs have become so popular and wig brands are listening. So, now many brands offer this type of wig and these include: Ellen Wille, Jon Renau, Rene of Paris, Amore, Raquel Welch and more. At HairWeavon we have a stunning collection of the best brands and styles of rooted wigs in both human hair or synthetic hair.

Rooted Wigs in Human hair

Human hair wigs have a higher price tag than the synthetic wigs. This is because the hair is real, looks natural, can be styled with heat and is long lasting. Human hair is best for anyone who has long term hair loss. Here are some of the stunning human hair wigs with rooted colour.

Rooted Wigs in Synthetic hair

Synthetic wigs are a cheaper option so are perfect for anyone who has a lower budget for a wig. You will still get a natural look but as it is not human hair it will be lower in cost. It does mean that you cannot style it but for people experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition, then cutting out the hassle of styling may be good. These wigs will need to be replaced sooner than human hair so are great for anyone who has shorter term hair loss. Here are some of the synthetic wigs with root colour available at HairWeavon.

You can check out the full collection of rooted wigs on our website If you have any questions or need any advice on buying or wearing a wig then our friendly team are here to help. You can contact us or visit us in store and we will find the perfect rooted wig for you!

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